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What will happen if unleash navel

What will happen if unleash navel

The phrase: "Do not toil, and the navel unleash" probably at least once heard anyone in my life.

She pronounced a warning when someone tried to shoulder burdens and take up the implementation of overly heavy things.

How to tie the navel of newborn

A few years ago, immediately after birthchild's stomach tied with silk thread. After this procedure, it was necessary to carefully monitor the baby's hygiene. Bathe crumbs recommended only after wound healing, using the concoctions of herbs that have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
To date, the procedure dressing navelsomewhat simplified. Now for this purpose instead of the thread used a special plastic clamp that allows the newborn pupochke heal in a shorter period. Typically, this happens before the baby's discharge from the hospital, and mother. After some time the health worker removes the clip completely painless, and the umbilical wound is smeared with a disinfectant solution before its full drying and healing. From accuracy and skill obstetrician it depends on how it will look subsequently navel adult.

Is there a real threat of a belly button?

If, instead of special clothes pegsdressing pupochka newborn use the thread to be tied unprofessional, there is the risk of the outbreak. Then the baby may have a life-threatening bleeding, and only on the competence of the physician will depend outcome of the incident.
With regard to an adult, the answer hereunequivocal - navel never untied because he merged and turned into a solid scar. And lifting weights unbearable threatens not this mythical disaster, and the emergence of an umbilical hernia. It may occur in the case of strong tension of abdominal muscles. This is a very dangerous condition, which threatens death. To help in this case can only surgery.
The cause of umbilical hernia in children isanomaly of the anterior abdominal wall, in which the intra-abdominal pressure increases strongly. This disease is diagnosed in children quite often, sometimes a defect may disappear spontaneously. In other cases, also resorting to surgery.

Sometimes, in adulthood, especially in women, umbilical hernia occurs as a consequence of the weakening of the umbilical ring.

Another point, which can and should be wary of- Injury is the navel. Usually navel infection occurs at the time of piercing, conducted a self-taught illiterate, or the use of poor-quality metal shackles. It is also possible accidental damage navel sharp objects, nails. Pus, blood, redness around the navel - symptoms that definitely should alert the person and get to see a doctor.

After accidental damage to the navel, the healing process takes a very long time, and often quite difficult

Personal hygiene - this is important!

Interesting conclusion made by Americanscientists studying the human body for the presence of microbes using a swab. From the test results, it follows that in their navel is not less than 1.5 thousand. This is the most contaminated body site.
Taking a shower, it is necessary to thoroughly wash out the stomach, not afraid to unleash it. Thus, you reduce to a minimum the number of harmful microorganisms.

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