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WHAT will be, if the friction force disappears


What will happen if the friction force disappears</a>

Engineers since ancient times have exerted a lot of effort to minimize the frictional force and harmful effects that it produces in the mechanisms.

And what will happen if ever it is possible to completely eliminate this physical phenomenon?

Will this lead to unpredictable consequences?

Fighting friction

Friction is a serious problem,If we talk about the work of machines and mechanisms. It is estimated that at least five percent of all work done by man-made devices goes to overcome the frictional force and the destructive consequences it produces. The harmful force leads to energy losses and premature wear of machine parts.
To eliminate friction in individual nodes andAggregates of technical systems, various types of lubricants are widely used, as well as special intermediate devices, for example, bearings. Everyone who has had to ski, knows that properly selected and properly applied lubricant on the sliding surface can significantly increase the speed of movement in the snow.

What will the disappearance of the friction force lead to?

Actively fighting with the force of friction, experts allDo not forget that this physical phenomenon does not always harm. The movement of land vehicles, for example, becomes possible only because there is friction between the wheels and the road. Assuming that this force suddenly disappears, the moving machines can not stop, and those that stand still will not be able to move by a millimeter.
Problems will arise also with those who like to sew. The absence of frictional force would immediately lead to independent unbinding of the nodes and the disintegration of tissues into separate strands. Without friction, it would be impossible to tie a knot on a string or rope. Many useful adaptations would cease to function, disintegrating into parts that are unable to hold each other.
A technique where so much attention is paid toStruggle with harmful friction, would also come to a deplorable state. In most technical devices, various kinds of fastening elements are used on a threaded basis: screws, screws, bolts and nuts. They are retained in the material and are joined together only by the frictional force. Without it, screw the nut onto the bolt and fix it in the desired position will be impossible.
Changes would concern practically allPhysical objects. No material body, be it a small stone or a massive steel column, without friction could not hold onto the surface of the planet. All objects would begin to move randomly along the surface until they were at the same level. Without the force of friction, the Earth would quickly turn into a perfectly smooth ball, resembling a drop of liquid, which is located in zero gravity.

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