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What happens if the friction force disappears

What if the friction force disappears

Engineers from ancient times have made a lot of effort in order to reduce to a minimum the friction force and the harmful effects that it produces in the mechanisms.

And what would happen if one day be able to eliminate this physical phenomenon?

Will this not lead to unpredictable consequences?

The fight against the force of friction

Friction is a serious problem,if we talk about the work of machines and mechanisms. It is estimated that at least five percent of the entire work, which is made of man-made devices, is to overcome the frictional force and made it devastating consequences. Harmful force leads to energy losses and premature wear of machine parts.
To eliminate friction in the individual nodes andunits of technical systems are widely used various types of lubricants and special intermediate devices, such as bearings. Anyone who has skiing knows that properly chosen and properly applied to the sliding surface lubricant can significantly increase the speed of movement through the snow.

What will the disappearance of friction force

Actively fighting the force of friction, all expertsdo not forget that this is not always a physical phenomenon is harmful. Movement of vehicles, for example, becomes possible only because in between the wheels and the road friction exists. If we assume that this force suddenly disappear, moving the machine will not be able to stop, and those that are in place, will not be able to move even a millimeter.
Problems also arise for those who love to sew. The absence of friction forces immediately would lead to the outbreak of the independent units and the disintegration of tissue into individual strands. Without friction it would be impossible to tie the knot on a string or rope. Many useful devices would cease to function, split into parts that are not in a position to be held next to each other.
Engineering, where so much attention is paid toanti-malware friction, would also come into disrepair. Most technical aids are widely used all sorts of threaded fasteners on the basis of: screws, screws, bolts and nuts. They are held in the material and are interconnected solely by friction force. Without it, screw the nut onto the bolt and lock it in position will be impossible.
Changes have affected almost allphysical objects. None of the material body, whether it be small stone or massive steel column, without friction could not be kept on the surface of the planet. All items would begin random way to move on the surface, until you have found ourselves on the same level. Without the friction force the Earth would quickly turned into a perfectly smooth ball that resembles a drop of fluid, which is located in weightlessness.

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