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What happens if you do not pay the traffic police fines

If you still have violated traffic rules, pay the fines in a timely manner

Sometimes it is enough to show awareness and respect for road users.

Responsible in many cases eliminates the possibility as such violations and application of administrative sanctions to the driver.

Do not make yourself the problems themselves!

The imposition of an administrative fine traffic

It happened now, that every timeseek out people who show disrespect for his country, the laws of the state and participants of traffic. Perhaps the case in the existing perception of the world, and maybe even in a bad upbringing. For example, some offenders for various reasons, principally do not make payment for fines imposed Inspectorate for administrative offenses are essentially unaware of the seriousness of the consequences of such a situation.

The consequences of missing the deadline penalty payment

The decision on administrativethe penalty is an executive document. He is endowed with legal force after ten days from receipt of its copy of the offender. On payment of the fine provided for sixty days from the date of this decision comes into force. If the deadline is missed, the offender is owed or a fine of double the amount of the principal amount (but not less than 1 000 rubles), or administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, or compulsory work for a period in the range of fifty hours. Make pleasant enough.

Enforcement Service of Court Bailiffs

In addition, at the date fixedfor voluntary payment, traffic police has every reason to redirect the unliquidated decree for enforcement of penalty to the appropriate court bailiffs service department.
With each fresh edition of the Law onEnforcement Proceedings range of powers bailiff service debt collection is expanding significantly. The initial penalties against a debtor who have the right to resort to court bailiffs, perhaps, will be performing the collection. It is to be recovered from the persons who delivered a term not fulfilled their payment requirements. Typically, this period is five days. Size of collection - seven percent of the total amount of the debt, but not less than five hundred rubles. On top of all police officers are authorized to check the property defaulter, including his place of residence. Recording and monitoring bodies, as well as banking institutions are required to submit their requests for comprehensive data on the availability of all types of income, cash on accounts, vehicles, industrial machinery, all kinds of real estate. So, no matter how desirable, the possession of a property will not be able to hide.

The consequences of obstructing the legitimate activities of the bailiff service

But that's not the whole list of sanctions. If you suddenly pleases to obstruct the work of the department Bailiff Service or ignore their legitimate demands, please note that the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation identified a significant number of rules, guided by which, the bailiff has the right to execute the perpetrators on the protocols on administrative violations. On top of that, for officials as opposed to citizens more stringent liability, penalties amount is significantly higher.

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