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WHAT will be, if you do not pay fines GAI


If you still committed a traffic violation, pay penalties on time</a>

Sometimes it is enough to show awareness and respect for road users.

Responsible attitude in many cases allows to exclude the possibility of violation of the rules and application of administrative sanctions to the driver.

Do not create problems for yourself!

The imposition of an administrative fine by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

It so happened now that every timePeople who show contempt for their country, the laws of the state and road users are looking for. Perhaps, it is a matter of the worldview, and maybe even of bad education. Thus, for some reason, some offenders do not pay in principle for the fines imposed by the State Traffic Inspectorate for administrative offenses, essentially not realizing the seriousness of the consequences of such a situation.

Consequences of missing the term of payment of a fine

Decision on the imposition of administrativePenalty is an executive document. He is vested with legal force after ten days from the date of receipt of his copy by the offender. The payment of the penalty is provided for a period of sixty days from the date of entry of such an order into legal force. If the period is missed, the offender is liable or fined twice the principal amount (but not less than 1,000 rubles), or administrative arrest until fifteen days, or compulsory work for a period of up to fifty hours. Make sure a pleasant little.

Forced enforcement by the court marshals service

In addition, upon the expiry of the period established by theFor voluntary payment, the State Motor Inspectorate has every reason to redirect the outstanding decision for compulsory collection of the fine to the appropriate bailiff service department.
With each new edition of the Law onEnforcement proceedings, the range of powers of the bailiff service to recover debts is significantly expanded. The initial penalty for the debtor, which may be used by the bailiffs, is probably the performance fee. It is subject to recovery from persons who did not fulfill their payment instructions within the due time. Typically, this period is five days. The fee is seven percent of the total debt, but not less than five hundred rubles. On top of all the bailiffs are authorized to check the property status of the defaulter, including his place of residence. Registering and controlling bodies, as well as banking institutions, are obliged to provide them with exhaustive data on the availability of all types of income, cash on accounts, vehicles, industrial equipment, all types of real estate on request. So, no matter how much you like, you will not be able to hide any property.

Consequences of obstruction of the lawful activity of the bailiff service

But this is not the whole list of sanctions. If you suddenly unexpectedly want to obstruct the work of the bailiff service department or ignore their legitimate demands, consider that the Code on Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation defines a significant number of norms, guided by which, the bailiff is entitled to register the culprits with administrative offenses. In addition, for officials, unlike citizens, a more severe liability is established, the amount of fines is much higher.

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