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WHAT happens if the bees disappear


What will happen if the bees disappear?</a>

Natural honey is useful, but no one even thought about what would happen if it did not.

Although not so catastrophic disappearance of "sweet", as the disappearance of bees - pollinators of many plants.

Already in the 40s of the last century, AlbertEinstein said that the disappearance of bees will entail the disappearance of people. The prophetess Vanga predicted the disappearance of the bees in 2004, but she was mistaken. Who knows, maybe the mistake is not in the fact of disappearance, but only in the date of the beginning of the catastrophe.

Facts of extinction

The data indicate that in 2006, for the first time,Sharp decreases in the number of bees. The World Bird Protection Fund reports that every winter period bee colonies decrease from 20% (Europe), to 35% (USA). This is considered an abnormal phenomenon, because in the cold season the losses of bees should not be more than 10%.

Esoteric sources say that bees appeared on Earth from another planet to help people.

Up to 33% of the world's food resourcesRequires pollination by insects. Up to 90% of this work is done by bees. Even today, the need for pollination of agricultural crops has increased by 25%, and the number of bees has not increased, but on the contrary decreases (the number of these insects has decreased by half, ie by 50%, which means that the pollination percentage is only 25%).

If there are no bees

When the population of bees is reduced to a critical point or they disappear completely, the process of pollination of many plants will be violated. But there are other insect pollinators, flies and butterflies.
With the growth of population in the world, there has been an increase in consumption of products. One-third of all plants that pollinate bees are related to human and animal food.
With the disappearance of bees, all bee-dusted plants will disappear, namely, fruits, vegetables and grains. In this regard, there will be a food famine.
The help can come genetically modifiedProducts, but they also carry hundreds of diseases for humanity. When they are used in humans, there is a decrease in immunity, pathological changes in individual organs and a high increase in the number of oncological diseases.

The bees pollinate cotton, and if they do not, then humanity will have to dress only in polyester or animal skins, but not for long.

If the disappearance of bees, the food base forAnimals will also disappear, then there will be simply nothing to eat cattle. Milk, sour cream, cheese and meat will disappear at the same time. With the reduction in the world of food products, the number of people will begin to decline.
But many scientists today are struggling with this problem by investigating the causes of the disappearance of bees.

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