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What happened to the group Disco accident

What happened to the group Disco accident

Group "Disco accident" started its creative work officially since 1990. Perhaps this is one of the most long-lived groups in the domestic show business.

However, even with such a robust friendly staff time has been changed in its composition.

Past groups

The founders of the group, Nikolay Timofeev and AlexeyRyzhkov - studied together, played in KVN and were organized discos. Their main place of work was a night club "Crash", and later they began to work together on the radio "Europe Plus. Ivanovo "in the program, they condemned the new music, and sang cover versions of popular songs on.
In 1997, a group of "Disco Crash" releasedan album that sold well in the Ivanovo Region. Already two years later, the young people began to storm Moscow, their songs have been included in the collections of "Move your ass!", "Union 23", "Union 24" and "Union of 25". Since then, the band has become popular throughout Russia.

February 9, 2002 Oleg Zhukov died of a brain tumor at the twenty-ninth year.

The group on the way to the musical Olympusalso there were changes. So, at the beginning of a creative way, in 1992, they were joined by Oleg Zhukov, while he acted as a frontman, a little later he was somewhat relegated to the background. However, thanks to him the group is obliged to popular movie "Disco Service Pepsi."
In 1996, the group was joined Alexei Serov, who had studied in the same school with Nikolay Timofeev. Currently, Alex is a soloist of the group.


Former friends met in court in 2012, accusing each other of illegal use of creative material that was created over the years.

In 2012, the team works harmoniously yetdisintegrated. Singer and leader Nikolai Timofeev group was forced to leave the "Disco Crash". The reason for this was the creative disorder, relationship with colleagues at an impasse in the development of musical product.
Currently, Nicholas engaged in solocareer, with him out of the team left some musicians. As a soloist, he has released several songs that found its audience - "start over", "You do care about you" and "My fall."
In November 2012, on the recommendation of the groupone of the members of the jury show X-Factor (Season 3) Sergei Parkhomenko took the party to the semifinals Anna Khokhlova. Together with her "Disco Crash" has released such popular songs as "KUKLA", "Swing", "After school", "like E" and others.
The current lineup consists of Anna Khokhlova, Alexei Serov and Alexei Ryzhkov.

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