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WHAT hang on the wall

What hung on the wall

From the house with bare walls are not blowing coziness and comfort. But the room decoration reflects the individuality of the owners, their tastes and preferences.

Wall Decor will help transform the apartment, keep the memories and visually expand the territory.

Wall decoration: standard and original solutions

The main product for the decoration of the walls arepicture. They can be painted in oil or gouache, burned in wood or made of stones. Today also popular images printed on canvas. To decorate pick the picture, not just the appropriate color and style, but also consistent with your inner world.

It used to be fashionable to decorate the walls carpets. Today this trend is gaining popularity again. Most often, carpets, wall used in Scandinavian, retro, ethnic and Loft styles. Preference is given to products patchwork.

Beautifully decorate the walls, you can use posters,posters. So they looked impressive, pay attention to design. For example, black-and-white images, place in bright frames, and for color pick the most concise.
An impressive decoration for the living room will become a huge fan. Hang it over a sofa to be, departing from the back of at least 20 centimeters. This rule also applies to the placement of pictures, photos, embroidery and so on.
Making the kitchen walls often requirespractical approach. This room is important to place a long bar with hooks. They hang a beautiful pot holders, boards, napkins. For the walls in the kitchen, office and bedroom are also suitable fabric organizers with lots of pockets.

Functional wall decor

Walls are rarely used as afunctional surface. However, modern designs completely revising the moment. And to make useful vertical structure will help you not massive suites, but unobtrusive and stylish accessories.
For example, it can be hung on a wall invisibleshelves for books. This invention will stand about 10 copies in hardcover. The clever design of the holders give the room an atmosphere of unreality: the book will be like a float in the air.
The most original and functionalways to decorate the walls offers Scandinavian style. There vertical surfaces are used as storage space. For example, special hooks allow to hang the chairs, to vacate the premises. With proper planning, the furniture on the wall will look like the original decor.

Scandinavian style - a great way to createcomfortable and unusual place. The walls in it are used to the maximum. For example, they can be attached to a folding table and chairs or hammer hooks for clothes storage.

Modern technology can also be hung on the wall. Primarily, it refers to the plasma - thin TV. So you save space on the extra tables.
Do not forget about the decoration of the walls with the help of mirrors. They will look great in the hallway, living room or bathroom. In the mirror, you can always monitor their appearance and location of the competent reflective surface visually expand the territory.

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