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What hairstyle you can do in the short fluffy hair

What hairstyle can be done on short fluffy hair

Short and at the same time fluffy hair - one of the most difficult for stacking combinations.

Nevertheless, with some dexterity and properly chosen hairstyle of them can make a beautiful and at the same time stylish hairstyle.

Options for hairstyles for every day

One of the main foundations of any hairstyle - correctlystyled hair. Then, they can make any packing. So, to put a hairstyle bob, bob or shorter hair is to wash your hair, wet hair thoroughly and apply on the strands little mousse to create volume. Then you need to make a parting in the right place, which is more suited to the shape of the face and dry strands hairdryer.
Thus for short hair, unlikelong, it is best to use a round hair brush with stiff bristles and pulling it strand by strand, or hair raspushatsya of air flow even more. At the end of the dry spinning is wound on the brush and hold for a while, putting the device temperature of the cold mode.

In this case, the hair will keep the volume, but it will not look too airy and disheveled.

Another embodiment of the female laying on each day -elongated hair, which is very stylish look with a short length. To do this, the head is also worth a wash and then thoroughly dried hair dryer or naturally. After that, the locks must be applied Heat protective tool, and then pull them utjuzhkom strand by strand. In the end, to fix her hair, it is necessary to take into the hands of a little wax, rub it between your palms and hold them through his hair. And then just finished styling comb.

Possible evening hairstyles

For evening styling short hair and lushbest of all, of course, big curls fit. To make them, you can take regular or hot rollers of large diameter. Latest cheat need only to dry hair. Hair should be divided into central, left and right sides. The first is better to wind from the face to the back and locks on the sides - from the top of the ears. Ready can comb the curls, but it's better just to stretch their hands and sprinkle with hair lacquer to fix.

In less than a ceremony, you can create the effect of wet hair, causing an even slightly damp strands of the gel and leave them to dry naturally without combing.

From long hair to shoulder can make Frenchbeam, or as it is called, shell. To this end, pre-dried and stretched by a hair dryer should be collected at the back, then leisurely laid so that their shape began to resemble a shell. Secure hair so it is best to studs, suitable in color to shades of hair. And you can decorate it with beautiful and stylish comb or even fresh flowers, if they are relevant at the ceremony.

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