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What hairstyle to make September 1

Which hairstyle do 1 September

The first of September - is an important day in the lives of students. He meets up with old friends, meet new.

On this day, I want to look "one hundred percent" to give themselves and others of optimism for the entire academic year.



Hairstyle on September 1 should be stylish,but hair should not look for the person, disturbing the educational process. Choosing styling, look for those where the strands in the temporal and frontal lobes removed by the band or gathered in a ponytail or braid.


Stylish kosa- "spike" - a very fit girlswith long thick curls. To make it a little nacheshite hair to get the additional volume. Then, starting from the left temple to the right, braid plait obliquely, separating thin strands. The thinner they are, the more beautiful work. Because the hair is braided diagonally, Spit will go all over the head, gently lying on the right shoulder. To make it seem more voluminous, after fix the hair elastic, gently pull the hook for knitting a few thin strands of hair all over. Secure stacking varnish.


"Greek" styling approach girls with notoo long hair. To do it, you will need a bandage. Suit belt, strap, silk scarf. First, divide the hair parted in the middle and sprinkle them with varnish to become more obedient. Then, one by one, beginning with the temporal strands tighten them at the ends of the bandage inside. Try to make a smooth roller. Secure the hair lacquer. This makes a neat styling head hair do not climb into the eyes.


It is not necessary to do complex on September 1hairstyles with high beams. They will interfere with sitting behind the monitor what is happening at the blackboard. Also, try not to come to school or college with her hair, if they are longer than the arms. Curls can interfere with a neighbor's party, block your review to cling to his chair. It is best to choose a simple and fast installation, which will always look stylish and neat. Even normal "tail", decorated with a bright handkerchief, with honor cope with this task.

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