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What hairstyle to do on Valentine's Day

Which hairstyle do on Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is a traditional European holiday, it is celebrated with loving people in many countries, including in Russia.

Girls are preparing for it very carefully, because in this day even more to hit the elect.

Anything goes - from the well-made make-up to beautiful and definitely romantic hairstyles.


Curls are not in vain considered to be one of the mostromantic hairstyles, because they give the charm of the girl, make her image more delicate and exciting. Screw the hair can be in curlers, curling and even hair iron. In the latter case must be thoroughly dried hair and spend on each provide designated ironing, turning it 180 degrees to one side and then the other. Ready-locks can be a little comb, or just to spend them with all five fingers to create volume. The finished hairstyle is best to sprinkle it with hairspray.

Stranded hair can also be put in a special way, for example, throw them over your shoulder and stab the side of a beautiful barrette - this hair will be more soft and elegant.

Straight hair

On Valentine's Day, you can also justpull hair and beautifully laid them. To do this, wash the head, a good pat locks and put them on the Heat protective agent. Then make a side parting in the right place and dry the hair, pulling them round brush with stiff bristles. If the strands were then straightened enough, spend on them utjuzhkom.

Straightening of hair is best to fix the wax. To do this, take quite a bit of money, rub in the palms, and then drag them by the hair and comb strands.

Separate single strand from her forehead, and twist it into a bundle,turning from the face. Secure the harness invisible behind the ear right color and hide the tip of the strand in the remaining hair. This hairstyle - ideal for visiting expensive restaurants, and most importantly, that it can be done at home by yourself.

The tail with tape

To create a romantic hairstyle, you can alsouse a variety of accessories, such as satin ribbon. Make a side parting in her hair and a little nacheshite them at the back. Then smooth and shape of their tail hair so that it fell over one shoulder. Secure with a thin rubber band, suitable to your head of hair shade. Slightly tighten up the strands using curling irons and hair sprinkle with varnish.
After that, take a satin ribbon widthwhich is less than 2 cm, and place it on the head so that it began to resemble a circle. Thus it is desirable to withdraw from the forehead 3-4 cm. Tie a ribbon under the tail and wrap the ends around her gums, forming a beautiful bow.


If you have to march on Valentine's Daya chic restaurant, you can head to make an elegant and at the same time seductive beam. To do this, wash and dry hair, a little nacheshite them at the back and smooth. Then make the tail, twist it into a rope and twirl around its axis. Kill the pins it, then slightly loosen, gently pulling on the top strand. The finished hairstyle can be decorated with a pair of pins with a nice tip.

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