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WHAT chignon

What chignon

An effective and simple way to create a perfect, fashionable and stylish hairstyles is to use a hairpiece. Hairpieces not require special care and do not require constant adjustment.

Today they are rightfully recognized as the best alternative to hair extensions.

The term "chignon" of French origin. So called haircut, to create a false locks are used. Hairpiece able to decorate any girl regardless of her face, figure, color of skin, eyes and hair. False hair if used at all times pay attention to the men of their possessor.

Types hairpieces

All hairpieces are divided into two types:
- naturalnye-
- Artificial.
Among the best recognized natural overheadlocks, made of Slavic hair. In this special love for women are long hairpieces, of which allow hairstyles always look chic. The only drawback of these hairpieces is their high cost.
As for the artificial, then todayappearance, they are difficult to distinguish from the natural. This is made possible through the use of modern technologies in their manufacture. The cost of these hairpieces is much lower, and therefore they are very popular among women. In contrast to the natural, artificial strands can be any color, allowing you to take out of them more than twenty hairstyles, differing in type.

Types with a chignon hairstyles

Each hair, to create achignon used, in its original and attractive. Fixed overhead hair using miniature clips mostly on the top of a head of hair. Popular hairstyles Chignon is to provide:

- Overhead strands, which are used to give hair volume, they are easy to twist and vypryamlyat-
- Hairpieces-bang - they look great in hairstyles that are clearly distinguishable, geometric liniyami-
- Hairpiece in a ponytail clipped toown hair, pre-assembled in a bundle, you can use it even on short hair, it can make complex, voluminous hair and beautiful pletenie-
- Chignon-babbeta made in the form of finished elements hairstyles - use it to create beautiful hairstyles in the style of 60th anni-
- "Spit" - a hairpiece is used to increase the length of your own hair to create the image of the Russian beauty with the help of a very simple, just to weave your hair with artificial kosoy-
- Chignon-skullcap used to create wedding hairstyles, fix it on top of her hair, and then masked with their own locks and various ornaments.

Learning to strengthen the hairpiece to your own hair properly, it will be possible every day to create the hairstyles of any complexity, even in the home.

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