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WHAT haircut is suitable for a large entity

What hairstyle will suit for a large entity

Well-chosen haircut will not only become a bright accent image, but also to hide some flaws.

Choose a hairstyle must be based on the condition of the hair structure, and taking into account the type of person.

Today, there are dozens of options to help you make a more harmonious large features.

When choosing a hairstyle for a large person is not reasonableattract undue attention to the rounded features, hairstyle should visually lengthen the face, making it look like an oval. As a rule, face major feature of the exterior becomes a massive jaw, so it is necessary to smooth the line, skillfully arranging the length of hair and bangs.

Options for hairstyles for big facial

Slightly reduce the wide face visually helpCut "ragged" strands of bangs and volume. But it should not be a straight line, otherwise the impression of massiveness chin will only intensify. Ideal - oblique fringe or falling sideways. Hide cheeks will also female hairstyle with large curls or small curls of medium length.

Extend face help updo, they will also be a great solution if the neck is short. If the neck is long, it should cover locks.

For those who do not want to experiment withperm, suitable hairstyle with volume at the crown. It is necessary to avoid options that open face completely, smooth hair. With round cheeks not recommended parted in the middle, give preference to the side parting.
With a large face look great haircut with tapering, "steps". Suitable as an everyday decisions and short hair with long temples, the volume at the crown.

Haircuts for a broad face

Major features combine well with allVariations bob haircut. It can be a beautiful hairstyle with bangs to the chin, which is better combed to one side. It looks nice and square, in particular, a square "on the leg" with a wide face.
Nakhodka with large facial features will be anyhairstyle with asymmetry, cascades. But we need to avoid extremes - too long or short hair. Not recommended also combed back hair, hairstyles are open forehead and eye-catching for the full face. Exception - long slightly curly curls or waves, with a haircut worth doing bouffant at the crown and abandon bangs.

When a large trapezoidal face is recommended to choose a hairstyle chin length or slightly below. Leave elongated strands to visually soften the high cheekbones.

Find a suitable hairstyle with a large face is not sodifficult, the main thing - to listen to the advice of an experienced stylist. Try to experiment not only with the long hair, but also their color. Adjust the shape of the face and allows highlights. And remember that fashion trends do not require blind imitation. Much better to emphasize their individuality and not try to be like the stars of show business.

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