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What is hair tinting

What is a hair tinting

Woman with birth wants to look young, well-groomed, and rare moments in life when there is a desire to change.

The ability to change the color of the hair without damaging the structure to follow fashion trends - all this attracts women.

Pros hair tinting

Hair coloring a variety of means,to give some shade of fixing the artificial surface of the pigment in the hair, called toning. The formulations used for this, do not have a strong negative impact, not burned through the hair.
Through toning can completely changehair color. Therefore, this procedure is not substantially different from the coloration. The main feature of hair coloring with the help of this technology is the fact that toning does not injure the hair structure. After coloring the hair remains healthy.

Do not attempt to tinting the hair,decorated with henna. Otherwise, you can get far from the expected results. In order to avoid it better to abandon the use of henna for a couple of months prior to rendering.

Applied preparations for toningenvelop the hair, providing rich color. After coloring hair get a natural shine. The specificity of staining is that for 5 weeks shade gradually washed away.
Compared with the coloring, tinting issparing procedure is not capable of harming the health of the hair. The composition of the dye for toning does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, so the hair remains intact, which is very attracted to women. Vitamins, useful additives included in preparations, carefully groomed hair, making them healthy and shiny.
The advantage of this type of dye thatYou can use a combination of several shades of balms, resulting in excellent color. The natural hair color can be obtained by using three colors. The transformation of hairstyles for women no fancy borders. You can make blotches light strands. To do this, the curls should lighten up, then spend toning.

Using bright colors allows to achieve the effect of burnt hair.

Types of tinting

Toning hair is:
- intensivnym-
- schadyaschim-
- Easy.
With intensive use tinting dyes containing small oxidizing agents. Hair are painted for two months.
The dyes used in the tinting sparing form hold up to four weeks. Therefore, the procedure can be carried out more frequently. The composition of assets includes additives, has beneficial effects on the structure of the strands.
Light toning, you can spend withtinting using balms. For procedures you can use coloring shampoos. Of course the effect of such coloring is not long. But this has its advantages.

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