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WHAT is toning hair


What is toning of hair</a>

A woman from her birthday wants to look young, well-groomed, and not uncommon in life moments when there is a desire to change.

The ability to change hair color without damaging the structure, to follow fashion trends - all this attracts women.

Pros of toning hair

Staining hair with a variety of means,Giving a certain shade of surface fixation of the artificial pigment on the hair, is called toning. The compositions used for this do not exert a strong negative influence, do not burn the hair.
Thanks to the toning you can completely changehair color. Therefore, this procedure is practically the same as staining. The main distinguishing feature of hair dyeing with this technology is the fact that toning does not damage the structure of the hair. After staining, the hair remains healthy.

Do not perform toning on the hair,Stained with henna. Otherwise, you can get far from the expected result. In order to avoid this, it is better to abandon the use of henna a couple of months before the toning.

Used preparations for toningEnvelop the hair, providing a rich color. After dyeing, the hair acquires a natural sheen. Specific color is that for 5 weeks the shade is gradually washed off.
Compared with the coloration, toning isSparing procedure, not capable of harming the health of the hair. The composition of dyes for toning does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, so the hair remains intact, which is very attractive to women. Vitamins, useful supplements, included in the preparations, carefully care for the hair, making them healthy and shiny.
The advantage of this type of staining is thatYou can use a combination of several shades of balsams, resulting in an excellent color. The natural color of the hair can be obtained by using three shades. In the transformation of the hairstyle for women, there is no limit to fantasy. You can make blotches of light strands. To do this, the curls should be lightened, then toning should be done.

Using light shades allows you to achieve the effect of burnt hair.

Types of toning

Hair tinting can be:
- intensive-
- sparing-
- Easy.
In intensive toning, dyes containing little oxidizing substances are used. The hair remains stained for two months.
Dyes, used in a gentle form of toning, stay up to four weeks. Therefore, the procedure can be conducted more often. The composition of the agents includes additives that have a beneficial effect on the strand structure.
Easy toning, can be carried out withUsing coloring balms. For the procedure, you can use tint shampoos. Of course, the effect of such staining is not long. But this has its advantages.

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