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As gum was in the 90's


What chewing gum was in the 90's</a>

Chewing gums, and especially liners and stickers from them, were a favorite entertainment for children, which grew in the 90s.

Many people now also like to ponostalgize about the times of their youth, and the collection of liners has been preserved by a considerable number of gum lovers.

Love is ...

Probably the first chewing gum that comes to mind,When it comes to the gums of the 90's - it's "Love is". Inserts from it were especially popular, especially among girls. The chewing gum itself could have several different tastes (banana, cherry, orange, chocolate, mint, raspberry), it was soft and fragrant. From it, you could blow great bubbles!
The insert was rectangular, it depictedA boy and a girl in love in different situations. The caption to each insert began with the words: "Love is ...", then there was a picture, and below it the inscription continued.


Another chewing gum, which the boys preferred more, is the "Turbo". The gum itself had a peach taste and was quite tough, but here are the liners! Their boys were very appreciated.

All chewing gum was appreciated by Soviet children, mainly for liners. They even played the role of peculiar "money".

Inside each chewing gum was a rectangularAn insert on which it was possible to see a photo of a car or a motorcycle. The "Turbo" had several series, each of which was dedicated to a certain water transport.
The chewing gum was first called "Turbo", but laterThere were three of its variations: "Turbo Super", "Turbo Classic" and "Turbo Sport". Each species corresponded to a certain type of car. It was possible to collect all the liners of the "Turbo" or prefer only a certain series.


Chewing gum «Donald» always had a specialstatus. The fact is that it was quite rare, unlike the previous two, which could be bought everywhere. And in itself chewing gum «Donald» was very tasty, and this taste did not disappear in the first minutes, and lasted very long. And even with prolonged chewing, "Donald" did not change the consistency.
Few people know that chewing gum «Donald» was made in Holland, unlike many others who did in Turkey. Sometimes chewing gum is also called bubble gum.

Usually no one said that he collected liners, they "collected" them.

Especially "Donald" was valued for the liner. It was always a small comic on the theme of the adventures of the famous duckling. There were 3 or 4 pictures on it. The inserts from the "Donald" were changed, while the more it was depicted in the pictures of the characters, the higher was this little paper of chewing gum.
The number of series of these inserts is quiteBig, thus, never was precisely it is known, on what number the series has ended. The collectors believed that if in a particular series there are no more new numbers, then it can be considered complete.

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