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WHAT gum were in 90th

What cud be in the 90s

Chewing gum, especially inserts and stickers have been a favorite pastime of kids that grew in the 90s.

Many now like ponostalgirovat the times of their youth, and the collection of loose leaves preserved a considerable number of fans of chewing gum.

Love is ...

Probably, the first gum, which comes to mind,when it comes to gum 90 - is «Love is». Inserts made of it was particularly popular, especially among girls. Chewing gum itself could have several different flavors (banana, cherry, orange, chocolate, mint, raspberry), it was soft and flavorful. Because it could inflate bubbles excellent!
The liner was rectangular, it was shownloving boy and girl in different situations. The signature of each liner begins with the words: "Love is ..." was on the picture and at the bottom of the continuation of the inscription.


Another chewing gum that boys prefer more - it «Turbo». Gum itself had peach flavor and was quite tough, but inserts! Their boys very much appreciated.

All gum valued Soviet children, mainly due to ear. They even served as a sort of "money."

Inside each was a rectangular gumliner, on which you could see the picture of the car or motorcycle. In «Turbo» there are several series, each of which was devoted to a specific transport water.
Gum originally called «Turbo», but laterthere are three variations of it: «Turbo Super», «Turbo Classic» and «Turbo Sport». Each type corresponds to a specific vehicle type. It was possible to collect all the inserts «Turbo» or choose only certain series.


Chewing gum «Donald» has always had a specialstatus. The fact that it was fairly rare, unlike the previous two, that could buy everywhere. Yes and of itself «Donald» chewing gum was very tasty, and the taste is not lost in the first few minutes, and maintained for a long time. And even after prolonged chewing «Donald» did not change consistency.
Few people know that chewing gum «Donald» was carried out in the Netherlands, unlike many others, are doing in Turkey. Sometimes also called the cud Buble gum.

Usually, no one said that collecting shells, they "collected".

Especially «Donald» prized for liner. It has always been a small comic book adventure on the famous duckling. It has 3 or 4 images. Inserts of «Donald» changed, thus, the greater the characters shown in the picture, the more prized this little bumazhechki of gum.
Number of episodes of these inserts is quitelarge, with, I never knew exactly which room to finished series. Collectors felt that if in a particular series of more new rooms do not come across, it can be considered complete.

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