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six-string guitar

Perhaps no musical instrument does not enjoy such popular love, like a guitar.

Often her people play, not only do not have music education, but do not know the music and because I can not imagine what note on a string is taken.

And it does not hurt to know at least in order to adjust the tool correctly.

Speaking about the structure of guitar, it is necessary to clarify thatThere are various kinds of the tool. In a home music-making, as a rule, the two species are used: six-string guitar, and - less often - seven-string.

Build six-string guitar

Six-string guitar is also called the Spanish andalso classical. The first name is due to its origin, and the second - the fact that it is this kind of guitar is used in the academic performing.
Story from this guitar quart, ie notes corresponding to its strings arranged in four stages, apart from one exception.
The first string in any instrument that is considered,which produces the highest sound. In the first six-string guitar string E corresponds to the first octave. Sheet corresponding frets are arranged at a distance from each other by semitone. Therefore, on the fifth fret you will find a note above middle C - the same one which produces a tuning fork. Knowing this, you can set the first string for him.
Quartiles below is B minor octave. To set this string at first, you have to hold it on the fifth fret, and to ensure that it coincides with the height mi.
The third string is spaced from the second range to another - third, it covers three stages. This will be the salt of the small octave, and it does not need to be configured on the fifth fret and the fourth.
The remaining three strings are also located in fourths: low octave D, E, and A big big, and set them up on the fifth fret.
Write them on the octave above the actual sound to the guitar notes were easier to read if it is written in E of the second octave, you have to play the first E, etc.

Story seven-stringed guitar

This guitar is called Russian or Gypsy. He created it in the late XVIII century. Russian guitarist A.O.Sihra, it spread among Russian Roma, who praised her outside Russia, in particular - in Brazil.
Range from seven-string guitars are not wider than thesix-string, but it seems to be already configured. Notes corresponding to its strings arranged through third, and only in two cases through a quart, and frets - also in semitones.
The first string - a re of the first octave, a tone lower than the seven-string guitar. Configure it by a tuning fork should be on the seventh fret.
The second string - B low octave, set it under the first string should be on the third fret.
Third - salt low octave, but the third is different from the one that separates the first and second strings, so adjust the third string at the second fret of the fourth necessary.
Fourth - D low octave, it is a quartthe previous string, tuned on the fifth fret. Next come the BBC and salt high octave, fifth string is based on the third fret, sixth - on the fourth. Seventh, the lowest string - D high octaves, built on the fifth fret. Music for seven-stringed guitar, as well as for six-string, recorded an octave higher.

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