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WHAT graphology

What is graphology

Perhaps many of those who first heard the lovely word "graphology" involuntarily associate it with "graphomania", but it is completely wrong!

The consonance conceals a radical difference of meaning.

Graphology is considered byway not psychology, not medicine, not forensics, and maybe characterology along with physiognomy and palmistry.

The word "graphology", like many others,It come down to us from ancient Greek: ????? - "writing", ????? - "Teaching", that is, the teaching of writing. This is a set of specific techniques that allow for complex application to determine the psychological characteristics of personality from handwriting. Perhaps it would be better to call this science "Psychographology".

In modern science, this teaching is considereda pseudo. Nevertheless, for many years graphology is strong interest from a wide range of the public, and this interest has arisen in the days of antiquity. How could it not be attractive opportunity to "see through" human, barely glancing at his handwriting! For example, the thickness of the ink lines can be set to recognize the authenticity of the will or murder disguised as a suicide, according to the location of the text on the suicide note. Similarly, on the peculiarities of handwriting human services can be calculated in advance unreliable employee. By interesting conclusion resulting psychological analysis of handwriting of famous people: it turns out, a genuine talent and genius always accompanied by mental disorders. Thus, according to one of the recognized handwriting experts, among the great Russian writer - Pushkin was only quite healthy.

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