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What is graphology?


What is Graphology?</a>

Probably, many who first heard the beautiful word "graphology" involuntarily associate it with "graphomania", but this is completely wrong!

Consonance is fraught with a fundamental difference in meanings.

Graphology is considered an unexplored area of ​​not that of psychology, not medicine, or criminology, or perhaps characterology, along with physiognomy and palmistry.

The very word "graphology", like many others,Came down to us from the ancient Greek language: ????? - "writing", ????? - "doctrine," that is, the doctrine of writing. This is a set of specific techniques that, when applied in a complex manner, can determine the psychological characteristics of a person by handwriting. Perhaps, it would be more correct to call this science "psychographology".

In modern science this doctrine is consideredAs pseudoscientific. Nevertheless, for many years, graphology has aroused a keen interest among the most diverse public, and this interest arose even in antiquity. And how can it not be attractive to be able to "bite" a person, just glancing at his handwriting! For example, the thickness of the ink lines can establish the authenticity of the will or recognize the murder, disguised as suicide, according to the location of the text on the suicide note. Similarly, according to the peculiarities of handwriting, the personnel services can calculate an untrustworthy employee in advance. To an interesting conclusion leads psychological analysis of the handwriting of famous people: it turns out that genuine talent and genius are invariably accompanied by mental deviations. So, according to one of the acknowledged specialists-handwriters, among the brilliant Russian writers - only Pushkin was quite healthy.

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