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WHAT is a graded haircut

What is a graded haircut

Graded haircut looks especially attractive with long hair.

It gives them additional volume, so hair looks beautiful and lush. This hair length is not reduced, as are cut only the upper strand.

This haircut is universal - the hair for its implementation can be both direct and elastic, and wavy and thin.

What is a graded haircut

Graduation - a kind of "speed"haircut, wherein each hair from the inside to the outside hairstyles, located one above the other. This hair length is different smooth transitions. Moreover, calibration can be done on a certain portion of the hairstyles.

Graded haircut: what to look out for

If a graded haircut is long,but too thin hair, do not get involved much tapering ends. The transition from one step to the other strands should be smooth and unnoticeable. If this condition is not met, in 2-3 days to make hair style will look sloppy and rather rude.
On the straight fine hair shoulder-lengthgraded haircut is usually not performed because does not look too attractive in this case milled tips. If you do decide to do this hairstyle at such length, you need to make a hairstyle volume due to the "ladder" in the crown. This length of the upper layer pryadok should reach no more than 5 cm.
Graded haircut on long hair doalso when you want to reduce the severity of a thick head of hair. This is especially true of curly strands. Due to the "steps" they become more elastic. However, they should not be cut too short on top, because due to this you can become like a poodle. With a length of hair below the shoulders is possible to perform calibration from the level of the ears. The transition should be smooth.

How to make a graded haircut even more beautiful

Excellent grading stresses on the hairlightening and highlighting individual strands. To add even more appeal and originality of this hairstyle can be used for dyeing in several different shades.
To lay a graded haircut shouldApply to dry hair foam, mousse, gel or wax. This will emphasize the stepped structure similar hairstyles. To put the short or medium hair, you need to use a simple massage flat brush for combing.
Under a stream of warm air dryer dried strands of hair growth on both sides. In this way you can achieve a stunning radiance, smoothness and volume hairstyles.
If you are looking for a truly sensual and glamorous hairstyle, attracting glances, look at a graded haircut. Perhaps this is exactly what you need.

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