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WHAT goes to the movies in June


What's going on in the cinema in June</a>

Summer is definitely the most important thing in a year of rest and entertainment. On the part of film producers, the launch of large blockbusters was almost the law during this period.

And 2012 was not an exception to the rules, giving entertainment to the audience for every taste.

Opens the season launched on May 31 "Prometheus"The main space thriller of the last five-year plan. Ridley Scott, the author of the original "Alien", made a cruel and realistic story about the journey of mankind to cold and far from friendly stars. Watch the movie is definitely worth all the fans of the genre and especially the famous director.

As if winning "in contrast" a week later inEarly June, "Madagascar 3", the continuation of one of the most successful animated series of our time. This time, a friendly four of the heroes enters the wandering circus, which guarantees a huge scale, tons of good humor and a really bright, colorful show. To watch, of course, the whole family.

Moving forward for another 7 days, the viewerWill face "Snow White and Hunter": a modern reading of the classic fairy tale. This time, the interpretation is closer to the original, gloomy medieval version - the color scheme abounds in gray, in the frame of the set of the most sophisticated monsters, and Chris Hemsworth (the recent "Thor") acts as a knight on a white horse bravely defending a young virgin. Critics are waiting for something like "Van Helsing" or "Brothers Grimm", so all fans of these films should be interested.

Since June 21, all the same amateurs of "Van Helsing"Can go to "Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter". You can close your eyes to the absurd title, because the picture is a film adaptation of a very successful American comic book, so no one claims historical certainty. It is important and one more thing, our compatriot, the famous author of "Watch" and "Particularly dangerous", Timur Bekmambetov, removed the tape. It is curious to look at the work of domestic masters when they use Western resources.

Month closes the last major premiere in the face"Brave Heart" - a new cartoon studio Pixar, telling that not every girl wants (and can) become a princess. As always, the studio offers not only an amazing adventure, but also a certain semantic load - distant, of course, from the films of Fellini, but very correct and easy for children's minds. Mentally turns out, you know!

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