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What goes skirt

What goes maxi skirt

Skirt Maxi is a real highlight of the spring-summer of 2012.

Long flowing skirts appeared in the pages of glamorous magazines, collections of famous designers and in wardrobes of Hollywood stars.

Skirt Maxi will help you create a stylish image of urban beauty, in that case, if you know what to combine a capricious article of clothing.

The skirt maxi - ideal for summerwalk, hike to a restaurant or a trip out of town. In hot summer weather, thin silk skirt blown by the wind, it becomes an indispensable article of clothing. In the autumn under a long skirt, you can wear thick tights or leggings, and no one will know about your tricks!

The long skirt is a thin woman andladies with shapes. If you are not happy with their feet, the maxi-skirt will hide any imperfections. Basic rules you must follow when selecting the stamp to a skirt - it is harmony. If a long wide skirt you wear the same long baggy top, it will look like a woman on a teapot. The most win-win long skirt - a short narrow T-shirt a few shades lighter or darker skirt or a contrasting color.

If you purchased a maxi skirt with a high waist,then it will go perfectly so-called "cut" tops. This is a fairly broad tops length just below the navel. Perfect for a summer's day in the city! This kit can be supplemented with flip-flops on a flat sole and bag-envelope on a long strap. For more formal events, for example, for a hike in a restaurant, you can choose a skirt and top to complement a longer set of wide belt. Belt emphasize the waist and give your figure a feminine silhouette. Set for a hike in the restaurant is supplemented with sandals steady heel wedges or elegant.

Skirt - Maxi can also be part of a stylishoffice kit. Skirt quiet, discreet colors will go perfectly with a shirt with short sleeves made of thin satin. And most importantly, if a hard dress code under a long skirt will not have to wear tights. If you bought a skirt with floral prints or bright colors, then combine it with monotonous riding a relaxing color, for example, with a simple white T-shirt. Do not combine more complex prints in one outfit, if you do not want to look like a parrot.

So, now you know what is best to wear a skirt, maxi. Follow these simple rules and be irresistible this summer!

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