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WHAT gives meditation


What does meditation do?</a>

Meditation has existed for many thousands of years. Basically, it was practiced in the East exclusively for spiritual purposes.

Plunging into a trance, the ancient sages could travel in other worlds and talk with the gods.

The Benefits of Meditation

Over time, people noticed that almost allMeditators live for a long time and have extraordinary health. This fact was very interested in the modern world. With the help of many scientific studies it has been proven that constant meditation sessions really have a positive effect on health and on the emotional state. In addition, meditation allows you to abandon the realities of life, forget about problems and losses for a while, become a simple impartial contemplative, which helps you to understand yourself and solve seemingly unsolvable life problems.

What does meditation do?

At present, it is very difficult for a person to completelyrelax. Even in a dream you feel tension and anxiety. Classes of meditation give complete relaxation, immersion in peace and tranquility. Due to this quickly aligned emotional background, meditation gives a powerful burst of strength and joy.
During the trance, breathing slows down, bloodBegins to be more saturated with oxygen. This stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, cleanses the airways, which helps prevent and even treat a lot of diseases.

A lot of experiments were conducted, during which it was scientifically confirmed that with the help of meditation people were cured of many diseases, even such terrible ones as oncology.

It is noted that the practice of meditation strengthensImmunity, even special antibodies are produced that fight viruses and infected cells. At maximum loads, which can sometimes be avoided, meditation gives the fastest positive result of relaxation and rest. Inside the body, hormones of joy and happiness are produced, this state is remembered and stored for a long time. Therefore, people engaged in meditation are much more resistant to stress and respond more adequately to all situations that occur.
All sooner or later think about the meaning of life. Meditation allows you to know your own self, to feel connected with the universe. Helps to know your own mysterious inner world and understand your destiny.

Through meditation, one can find answers to many questions, gain harmony and the joy of life.

These are just a few answers to the question of what meditation gives, in fact there are much more. But only in practice it is possible to appreciate and understand the whole power of the magic of meditation.

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