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What gives meditation

What does meditation

Meditation There are many thousands of years. Basically it practiced in the East exclusively for spiritual purposes.

Plunging into a trance, the ancient sages could travel to other worlds and to talk to the gods.

Benefits of meditation

Over time, people have noticed that almost allmeditators live a long time and have extraordinary health. This fact is very interested in the modern world. With the help of many scientific studies have shown that the constant practice of meditation really positive effect on the health and emotional state. In addition, meditation allows you to turn away from the realities of life, to forget about the problems and losses to be a simple impartial spectator, it helps to understand themselves and to solve the seemingly intractable problems of life.

What does meditation?

At the moment a person is very difficult to completelyrelax. Even in sleep you feel stress and anxiety. Meditation Classes provide complete relaxation, immersion in a state of rest and peace. In this quickly aligns the emotional background, meditation gives a powerful surge of strength and joy.
During trance, breathing slows, bloodIt begins to be saturated with oxygen. This stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens the heart muscle, the respiratory tract, which contributes to the prevention and even treatment of many diseases.

I conducted many experiments in which it has been scientifically proved that with the help of meditation, people were cured of many diseases, even such terrible as oncology.

It is noted that meditation exercises strengthenimmunity, even special produced antibodies that fight viruses and infected cells. At maximum load, which sometimes can not be avoided, meditation gives you the fastest positive relaxation and recreation. Inside the body to produce hormones of joy and happiness, this state is saved and stored for a long time. Therefore, the people involved in meditation, much more resistant to stress and more adequately respond to all occurring situations.
All sooner or later think about the meaning of life. Meditation allows you to know your own "I", to feel connected to the universe. It helps to know your own mysterious inner world and understand its purpose.

Through meditation, you can find answers to many questions, find harmony and joy of life.

It is only a few answers to the question that gives the meditation, in fact there are many more. But, in practice, can appreciate and understand the power of meditation magic.

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