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What games on the Internet's most popular

What games on the Internet's most popular

Computer games each year gaining more and more popularity, transforming the game industry in an increasingly large-scale business.

Most niche occupied and Internet games thatIt allows the user to not only manage their character, but also to compete with others to carry out the gaming communication and interaction.

Counter Strike (CS 1.6 and Source)

One of the XXI century the most popular games inInternet has become a Counter Strike. From the outset, a multiplayer version 1.6 was released by Valve. The game got its prevalence due to the simplicity of the gameplay, and unlimited abilities for each player, so gamers can show their tactical skills and game. Counter Strike has become one of the pioneers of large-scale and global competition on computer games.
Next after the Counter Strike 1.6 became the CS: Source, which used the same scheme of the confrontation between players, but it has better graphics. The game is still one of the most popular - almost every active user of the computer at least once heard about it.

Battlefield and Call of Duty

Battlefield series has been released forlarge-scale online battles with other players from around the world. It is based on tactical cooperation. Despite the fact that the game has a single player mode of transmission, it gained its popularity thanks to its powerful network mode. Number of players who can be simultaneously connected to the same card can be up to 64, which is a big number for games of this genre.

Access to many online games is carried out by a special subscription, which can be purchased on the official website or with the disc.

Call of Duty has also become a popular disciplinemany gaming competitions. The gameplay, which managed to create a company-developer of Activision, is really unique. The online version of the game allows each player to prove himself in battle against the opposing team's players. Also, Call of Duty series has a powerful single-user mode, which has created success for the game.

Multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG)

The game Lineage II has become one of the most popularMMORPG genre. Millions of users worldwide play, improve their characters by completing various quests with bonuses and compete in a battle with other players. Due to its fabulous and contemporary graphics, the game for a long time is one of the most popular and well-known on the Internet.

Among other MMORPG can not be noted less popular EVE Online, Ragnarok, Perfect World, Final Fantasy XI.

Another popular role-playing game has become a World of Warcraft, which is similar to Lineage offers a fantastic world full of different characters and represents unlimited potential for development.

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