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WHAT fushigi ball and what is it for

What is a fushigi ball and what is it for

Fushigi ball - this is an unusual toy in the formacrylic ball that has surprising properties. It is called antigravity, under certain manipulation seems that it hangs in the air and instantly moves in space.

Fushigi is used for entertainment and relaxation - the game with the ball relieve stress and soothe the nerves.

The structure of the ball fushigi

The word "fushigi" is translated from Japanese as"mysterious". This device does seem magical, mysterious. Fushigi acrylic consists of an outer sphere whose surface is completely transparent. Inside a small enclosed steel or metal ball that is visible through the outer layer. In some balls fushigi added phosphorescent additives so that they glowed in the dark and reinforce the illusion.
Typically, anti-gravity balls fushigisold with a special pouch for storage, which protects acrylic layer from scratches (not to reduce the transparency of the ball), with stand and instruction. In some cases, together with the toy selling CD with tutorial. Show tricks and create the illusion it will be difficult at first, but even the first workout will cause a lot of admiration.

Illusions with the ball fushigi

Due to the special structure when handlingfushigi ball seems that it does not move and the rotates and moves in space. Sometimes he seemed to hang in the air, denying the laws of gravity. Fushigi ball, smoothly flowing in the hands, is able to visually break all the laws of physics.

Illusions with several balls look particularly impressive.

Illusions are created due to the fact that the ballIt is moved by the kinetic energy inherent in its design. Methods tossing it does not work, you need to learn to smoothly move the ball in his hands without losing contact with him. It is not so simple: it is necessary to constantly monitor its movement.

What is the fushigi ball?

The first ball fushigi - wonderfulEntertainment for the illusionist, and spectators. This is a great opportunity to surprise guests at a party or to demonstrate their abilities in the talent competition. fushigi ball is not only develops manual dexterity, it also trains the care and accuracy. When working with this toy to use both hemispheres of the brain, and their ability to gradually improve. Fushigi also trains the eye, as the illusionist need to follow the movements of the ball.

Very useful such balloons for children, they form the patience and observation and develop manual dexterity and finger, which is closely linked to the cogitative and speech abilities.

In addition, the fushigi - a great way to relax. Rolling the ball in his hands, it can be a long time to enjoy a fascinating spectacle. Unusual movements relieve stress, calm the nervous system, make you forget about the problems, allow body and mind to relax.

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