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WHAT entertainment planned for the Euro

What entertainment is planned for Euro 2012

The entire Old World now lives Euro 2012. However, a tense game affects not only the players, but also to the faithful fans.

Therefore, in the breaks between games came this summer madness prefer to visit entertainment and cultural events.

Foreigners who during Euro 2012 arein Kiev will be able to explore the city's main attractions. 78 historic monuments, admired both in Ukraine and throughout the world, is now easy to see thanks to the program developed by the address. Simply select one of the five tourist routes.

Unfortunately, the organizers did not have time to appointed time to put in order all Ukrainian cities and finish the road, so foreign tourists will not be easy, for example, in Kharkov.

In Poznań, Kiev, Kharkov scheduled concerts with the participation of local and famous artists abroad.

The best restaurants in Poland and Ukraine offernational cuisine, summer café show an amazing view of the main attractions. Unique trips abroad lies in the fact that there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the gastronomy and traditions of the country.

Mood and emotions hurricane ask themselvesfans. Painted in the national colors of the country, they walk through the streets of cities. How not to succumb to this celebration of life, and not to join in the fun. Unfortunately, the police have registered a serious clash between the fans pleased with countries. In the "black list" at risk of being Russians. Remember that in a fit of joy do not forget that you are still on the road.

Predicts the outcome of matches boar-Veshchunov Funtik,who settled in the Kyiv fan zone. It replaced the German octopus Paul. put two food bowls along with the flags of the countries before the animals. For some of them it will fit, and the team wins. This fun is very popular among fans.

Due to the fact that the final will be held in Kiev,major celebrations, namely honoring the winners will take place there. Peredolozhit as it will celebrate the victory of their team's fans, it is simply not possible. Definitely something that at this celebration of life will not be superfluous.

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