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WHAT is a fruit fly


Feast of fruit flies</a>

It is worth the fruit to lie down for a few days and begin to rot, near them a whole flock of little flies is immediately started.

This fruit flies, for which sour fruit - an ideal habitat.

There are two kinds of these flies.

Drosophila or tiny fruit fly

Drosophila or fruit vinegar flyIs a small insect, the length of which is about 3 millimeters. This fly belongs to the family Drosophiliadae, part of the detachment Diptera. Such flies can be found near the spoiled fruit. In natural conditions, they feed on plant juice and rotting organic residues. Drosophila is attracted by a sour fruity smell. At home, it is often planted in garbage cans, in the refrigerator or food storage areas.

A plastic bag is the simplest trap forMidges. In it you need to put a spoiled fruit. Flies will pierce the package in search of delicacies. When they are inside, the package must be carefully, quickly tied and discarded.

This fruit fly served science well,Therefore genetics consider it a useful insect. It was used in the study of heredity, that is, those characteristics that are passed from parents to their offspring. If these issues were studied on the example of a person, we would have to wait a very long time until the base for observations of several generations is formed. In particular, for the study of 30 generations of generations, it was necessary to spend about 500 years, or even more. However, due to the use of fruit flies, it is possible to study the problem of heredity transmission for 30 generations in just one year.

Mediterranean fruit fly

The Mediterranean fruit fly is reminiscent ofHome flies, it is distinguished by black and orange marks. This is one of the most harmful species of insects. Females of this fly practice laying eggs in unripe vegetables and fruits. Appearing young flies, begin to feed on the flesh of the fetus. In the end, the whole crop can be destroyed.

In Russia the fruit Mediterranean fly is notIs found. However, there is a threat of its acclimatization with further improvement of the climate in the areas of the Astrakhan, Volgograd, Rostov regions, the North Caucasus and the Black Sea coast.

In the Mediterranean countries and South America thisThe species is destroyed from 30 to 100% of the fruits of plum, apricot and peach. Such flies are able to damage more than 200 plant species, among which are almost all fruit, many berry and a number of vegetable crops. Larvae of flies lead to premature fall of fruit. Adult insects, when laying eggs, damage the skin of the fetus, cause development of putrefaction and the appearance of mold.

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