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What is the fruit fly

Feast of fruit flies

It is necessary to soak the fruit a few days and start to rot near them immediately start up a whole flock of little flies.

This fruit flies, for which the sour fruit - ideal habitat.

There are two kinds of flies.

Or tiny Drosophila fruit fly

Drosophila, or fruit fly aceticIt is a small insect with a length of about 3 millimeters. This refers to a family fly Drosophiliadae, Diptera enters detachment. Such flies can be found near the spoiled fruit. In nature they feed on plant sap and decaying organic remains. Drosophila fruit attracts a sour smell. At home, she often is put in garbage cans in the refrigerator or food storage areas.

Plastic bag - simple trapmidges. It is necessary to put the tarnished fruit. Flies penetrate the pack in search of treats. When they will be inside the package must be accurately, quickly tie and throw.

This fruit fly has served science well,therefore, geneticists consider it beneficial insects. It was used in the study of heredity, that is, those characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring. If these issues have been studied in the human example, we would have to wait very long until the formed base of observations of several generations. In particular, a study of 30 generational change about 500 years it was necessary to spend any more. However, through the use of fruit flies, you can explore the hereditary transmission of the problem for 30 generations in just a single year.

The Mediterranean fruit fly

The Mediterranean fruit fly recallshousefly, it has a black and orange markings. This is one of the most harmful types of insects. Females of this practice flies in egg laying underripe fruits and vegetables. Hatched young flies begin to eat the pulp of the fruit. Ultimately, the entire crop can be destroyed.

In Russia, the Mediterranean fruit fly is notusual. However, there is a threat to its acclimatization in further improving the climate in the regions of Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov regions, the North Caucasus and the Black Sea coast.

In the Mediterranean countries and South America thisView destroyed between 30 and 100% of the fruit of plum, apricot and peach. These flies can damage more than 200 plant species, among which are almost all fruit, lots of berries and a number of vegetable crops. The larvae of flies lead to premature fruit abscission. Adult insects with egg laying damage the skin of the fruit, causing rotting development and the appearance of mold.

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