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WHAT foundation to choose the spring

What is the foundation to choose the spring

A beautiful Spring image of women impossiblelitsa.Osnovoy groomed without any make-up is choosing the right concealer. According to the conducted research, women who do not use decorative cosmetics, will reveal at the signs of aging.

Is the use of tonal resources so necessary?

What is the foundation to choose the spring

It is no secret that in the spring the skin requires special care. When choosing a cream is very important to determine the type of skin. For example, useful for dry skin cream on the base of a liquid suitable for sensitive skin thick tekstura- for oily skin and oily skin is better to use a tool that has a thick base and oils.

Using tonal means spring

In the spring, the use of tonal resources necessary in the first place:

· For maximum protection of the person.

A large number of modern tonal resourcesdifferent from those that were before. They are designed in such a way that their base is able to not clog pores and create a "mask effect". Finely dispersed particles, typically created from mineral natural minerals which provides even application and is not harmful to the skin. Such tonal resources to protect the face from dirt: dust, etc. But many women are not aware of this protective function and use the foundation solely for the purpose of masking skin imperfections.

· For humidification.

Moisturizing foundation can be applied to clean skin, day cream for fixing makeup.

· For anti-aging effect. Well-chosen concealer allows to tighten the skin better than many other funds. As part of these funds should be algae enzymes (for skin elasticity), special reflective components (for skin freshness), minerals, tourmaline or malachite (to improve the complexion). To be effective, makeup artists recommend to mix concealer with moisturizing tonic, cream concentrate.

· To protect against the sun's rays.

It is important that foundation in its composition had SPF factor of at least 15. It is necessary for the maximum protection of the skin from the sun.

In addition, the foundation should also be applied to the skin matting, prevent wrinkles and oily sheen.

Selecting tone means

For right choice of masking agentpay attention to color and texture agents. Makeup artists recommend choosing foundation to the color darker or lighter than the natural color of the face. For example, dark skin suitable beige and peach-beige- or dark pink for the face suitable for ottenok- beige yellow skin color - beige and pink.

Wrong choice of the correction means will spoil the appearance of the person and provide him with affectation. Better color test areas of the body, which are responsible complexion.

Apply the correct color tone

Beauticians recommend to apply foundationmassage movements around the areas of the face, without exception. Uniform distribution of funds will ensure the natural tone complexion. Do not go overboard with the amount of inflicted tone means.

Tonal tool can be applied to the hands, brushor sponge. Liquid cream is best applied with your fingers, and the excess wet using a sponge. Brush should be used for more dense texture tone means.

Remember to not become a victim of beauty, use high-quality concealer, otherwise instead of beautiful skin you get an allergic rash.

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