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How can I eat food in Lent?


What kind of food can be consumed in Lent?</a>

Lent is the longest (7 weeks) and a strict period of abstinence in the life of an Orthodox Christian.

He is called to prepare the believer spiritually for the solemn meeting of the main Orthodox celebration - the Bright Christ Resurrection.

The tradition of fasting during the Lenten period isAncient history. In the first centuries of Christianity, believers refrained from food of animal origin in memory of the forty-day fast of the Lord Jesus Christ in the desert.

The strictest weeks of Lent are the first, third and passionate weeks.

In the first week of the post, the statute determines dry-eating(The use of non-food without vegetable oil) until Saturday. Only on Saturday and Sunday of the first week is it allowed for the first time to eat boiled food with vegetable oil. Some particularly zealous Christians in the first two days of fasting do not at all eat food, using only water and bread. However, this more suits the strict monastic practice of companionship.

The whole Great Lent defines dry weather on WednesdaysAnd Fridays, and on Saturdays and Sundays - food with vegetable oil. The exception is the feast of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (March 22nd) - this day is allowed the tasting of boiled food with butter. The fish is used by the Lent exclusively for the Feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos (7th April) and the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem (the last Sunday before Easter). In Lazarev, Saturday (before the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem), it is allowed to eat fish caviar.

The Holy Week prescribes the first three daysDry food, on a grand Thursday allowed vegetable oil. Good Friday is the most severe day for an Orthodox person. Many believers do not at all eat food on this day until the holy shroud is carried to the middle of the temple (the second half of the day). On Holy Saturday, food with vegetable oil is allowed.

It should be noted that some OrthodoxChristians can not adhere to the Great Lent in all severity. For example, not all are fasting with dryness. For small indulgences in fasting, the use of boiled food on Wednesdays and Fridays, for example, it is necessary to take the blessing of the confessor.

If we talk about the most common products,Consumed by the Great Lent, it is worth noting the different types of vegetables, mushrooms. Caloric and healthy food is figs, various kinds of nuts. Some believers try to consume as much fruit as possible during Lent.

Despite the strictness of bodily restraint inLenten period, it is necessary to understand that abstinence only from food of vegetable origin is called a normal diet. Therefore, an Orthodox person must necessarily strive for the purification of his soul in Lent. It is necessary to take communion more often, read spiritual literature and the Holy Scripture, and fight against our basic passions. At the same time, it is necessary not to forget about the Lenten services that take place in all Orthodox churches.

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