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HowIs flowers can be given on Valentine's Day


What flowers can you give on Valentine's Day?</a>

When you love, do not hold back your feelings, you need to talk about them to your loved one as often as possible.

But there is a certain day in the year, when it's impossible not to say about your love - it's a Valentine's Day holiday.

On Valentine's Day it is customary to surpriseHalf of various gifts, say compliments, arrange pleasant surprises. But, of course, every woman in love expects from her lover a chic bouquet of flowers. A gifted bouquet for Valentine's Day can be regarded as a recognition in sympathy or even love. However, men do not always know what kind of flowers you can give your girlfriend and what they mean.

What will the flowers tell you?

The most popular among flowersEnjoy, of course, roses. They have long been the most romantic flowers, not only on Valentine's Day, but on any other holiday. Red roses are a symbol of passionate and sincere love. Any bouquet of roses of any color will look very festive and truly romantic.

Exceptions are yellow roses, since yellow color symbolizes loneliness and parting.

Also one of the most favorite colors for womenAre considered lilies, bouquets of them look very tender. In addition, a good option for a bouquet for Valentine's Day will be carnations. They are inexpensive and will look very elegant and festive. Carnations come in almost all the colors of the rainbow, so you'll probably be able to pick an option that is suitable as a gift for your second half.
It is not worth while in this wonderful holiday to forget about such flowers as tulips, because it is tulips that symbolize infinite happiness.

They can give your girl the most ardent of your feelings, and without words.

Gerberas are also revered among the festive flowers, they can be combined in any way, thanks to a large palette of flowers.

Color also matters

If you please your beloved with the flowers that you gave her on the first date, she will appreciate it to the highest degree, because that's how memories are kept and the traditions of the couple in love are created.
Red flowers symbolize love and passion. Men should be careful with bouquets of red flowers on Valentine's Day, because in this holiday it can be taken even as an offer of marriage.
If in a bouquet presented by your mate, there will beA red flower, even one, remember that this is a symbol of the heart that is given to you. Pink bouquets speak about gentle feelings. Also the bouquet will turn out very beautiful if in it colors of a different shade will be combined, then it will look really fine and surprisingly gentle.

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