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WHAT flower room to give Mom

Which room to give Mom a flower

Potted plants - a great gift for any occasion.

After all, they decorate the space, enrich air with oxygen home and just pleasing to the eye.

Beautiful houseplant can give mom.

How to choose a flower

To select a houseplant in a giftwell to start the vote space, in which it will stand. If it is large enough, you can give mom a big plant. For example, shafleru, dracaena, kordilina or Fatsa. If the apartment is rather small, select Kalat, arrowroot or asplenium. All of these plants are very beautiful, bright and unusual. They are suitable for a gift for any woman who likes different things like small decorative paintings, figurines and other amenities.

If your mom loves flowers, but it does not havetime to care for them, the best gift options are senopoliya, begonia and cyclamen. It is beautiful, but hardy plants that do not require any special care. By the way, for the same reason a great gift option would be some pretty cactus. Cacti can survive in almost any conditions, and the bright green spot on the windowsill will be pleasing to the eye anyway.

The undoubted advantage of the indoor plants is its durability. It will please the eye of its kind for a long time, unlike cut flowers in a bouquet.

Flower Delivery to the addressee

Once you have chosen a gift, Take careits delivery. If the court of the cold season, carefully wrap the pot in a thick, impermeable film. Preferably not even in a single layer. Do not relax, if you're lucky gift by car, some plants just enough for a couple of minutes to be in the cold to their appearance has been irreversibly damaged. Otherwise, if the cold has a negative but not a fatal effect on the plant, give the flower, which takes several weeks nursing care, in a strange way.

Buying plant mom a gift, think about which option it more like it - get longer flowering plant or grow it yourself.

There is a certain amount of roomPlants that are not necessary to give according to numerous signs. Ivy, creepers and trees bear discord between spouses, quarrels and disputes. Ivy is popularly nicknamed "muzhegonom" and beautiful bindweed - "the widows' tears". If your mom believes in omens and different characters, not giving her such a plant.

When buying plants, pay attention to hispot. The pot should be either beautiful, expensive, or disposable. In the first case it is necessary to note the presence of a drainage system in the second - to buy a nice pot if your mom loves to tinker with plants.

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