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How to give a flower to my mother


What room flower to give mom</a>

Indoor plants are an excellent gift for any occasion.

After all, they decorate the space, enrich the home air with oxygen and just please the eye.

A beautiful house plant can be given to mom.

How to choose a flower

To choose a houseplant as a giftCorrectly, to begin with, estimate the space in which it will stand. If it is large enough, you can give your mother a large plant. For example, shuffler, dracen, kordilinu or fatsiyu. If the apartment is small enough, choose a kalathea, arrowroot or asplenium. All these plants are very beautiful, bright, unusual. They are suitable for a gift to any woman who likes different decorative things like small paintings, figurines and other pleasant trifles.

If your mother loves flowers, but she does not haveTime to care for them, the best gift options will be Senopolia, begonia or cyclamen. These are beautiful, but unpretentious plants that do not require any special care. By the way, for the same reason, a nice cactus will be an excellent gift option. Cacti can survive in almost any conditions, and a bright spot of greenery on the windowsill will please the eye in any case.

The undoubted advantage of a houseplant is its longevity. He will delight the eye with his appearance for a long time, unlike the cut flowers in the bouquet.

Flower delivery to the recipient

After you have chosen a gift, take careIts delivery. If the yard is cold during the year, carefully wrap the pot in a tight, impermeable film. Preferably not even in one layer. Do not relax, if you carry a gift on the machine, some plants just enough for a couple of minutes to be in the cold, so that their appearance was irreversibly spoiled. Otherwise, if the cold has a negative but not fatal effect on the plant, giving a flower that requires several weeks of careful care is somehow strange.

When buying a plant for your mother as a gift, think about what option she will like more - get a blooming plant or grow it yourself.

There is a certain number of roomPlants, which should not be given according to numerous signs. Ivy, creepers and palms bear discord between spouses, arguments and quarrels. Ivy in the people was called "muzhegonom", and the most beautiful convolvulus - "widow's tears." If your mother believes in signs and different symbols, do not give her such plants.

When buying a plant, pay attention to itpot. The pot must be either beautiful, expensive, or disposable. In the first case, you should pay attention to the presence of a drainage system, in the second - to buy a pretty pot, if your mother likes to mess with the plants.

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