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As the world's largest flower



The largest flower in the world in its diameter reaches almost one meter and can weigh up to 11 kilograms.

This plant is called rafflesia arnoldi and grows in tropical and equatorial latitudes.

The real monster of the plant world

Discover an amazing Rafflesia flower ArnoldiCan be in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines. It has a blood-red shade and all its appearance reminds of nothing more than ... a piece of rotten meat.
In this case, not only by its appearance but also byA hideous smell of Rafflesia arnoldi reminds of a decaying corpse, because it smells of nothing but rotting flesh and rotten eggs. However, in nature everything has been carefully thought out, and such an amazing plant was created not at all in order to hit humanity, and all these strange features of rafflesia are completely justified. The reason for the strange appearance and disgusting smell is simple - thus the plant attracts insects for pollination, mostly flies.

Other features of the giant flower

Rafflesia arnoldi, being the largest flower in the world, is inherently a unique plant, for it consists of just one flower. It lacks root, stem and leaves.
How, if Rafflesia does not have all these organs,She eats? After all, in this case, the typical process of photosynthesis - the formation of nutrients in leaves due to light and water - is impossible. The fact is that this giant of the plant world is an ordinary parasite, and is not able to lead an independent way of life. All the nutrients of rafflesia are derived from host plants - usually these are lianas. It is on the latter and grows flower-record holder.
Interesting fact: The ancestors of the modern giant plant were very tiny flowers, but in the process of evolution they became such a unique kind. Two botanists, Stamford Raffles and Joseph Arnold, discovered two arnoldi rafflesias. They for the first time scientifically described this amazing representative of the kingdom of plants and gave her a name. It is not hard to guess that it was in honor of them that the "cadaverous flower" was called the pioneers, as still sometimes called rafflesia.
The inhabitants of those countries where rafflesia grows are calledIt is in its language "bunga patmah", which means literally "lotus flower". The flower has five huge petals and no less large core, in which, like all ordinary flowers, there are pestles and stamens. After pollination, rafflesia arnoldi from a giant flower gradually turns into a fruit that contains several million seeds.

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