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WHAT flower in the world's largest


The world's largest flower in its diameter is almost one meter and can weigh up to 11 kilograms.

This plant is called the Rafflesia Arnoldi and is native to tropical and equatorial latitudes.

This monster flora

Discover the amazing flower Rafflesia ArnoldiIt can be in the jungles of Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines. It has blood-red hue, and his whole appearance resembles nothing more than a piece of ... podtuhshego meat.
In this case not only its appearance but alsodisgusting smell Rafflesia Arnoldi reminds of rotting corpses, because it smells nothing but rotting flesh and rotten eggs. However, in nature, everything is carefully thought out, and it is a wonderful plant is not created in order to strike mankind, and all these strange features of Rafflesia is completely justified. The reason for the strange appearance and foul smell is simple - so that the plant attracts insects for pollination, mainly flies.

Other features of a giant flower

Rafflesia Arnoldi, being the largest flower in the world, in its essence is a unique plant that is just because of a single flower. She had no root, stem and leaves.
Why, if there Rafflesia all these bodies,she eats? Indeed, in such a case it can not be a typical plant photosynthesis process - education in the leaves of nutrients due to light and water. The fact that this giant of the plant world - common parasite and is not able to lead an independent life. All nutrients Rafflesia receives from the host plant - usually vines. It is the last and grows a flower-record holder.
Interesting fact: the ancestors of the modern giant plants were very tiny flowers, but in the process of evolution became just such a unique view. Opened Rafflesia Arnoldi just two scientists botany - Stamford Raffles and Joseph Arnold. They first scientifically described this amazing representative of the plant kingdom and gave it a name. It is not difficult to guess that it is in their honor and was named the pioneers of "corpse flower," as is sometimes styled Rafflesia.
Residents of countries where growing Rafflesia, callhim in his own language "bunga patma" which means literally "lotus flower". The flower has five petals of the huge and equally big heart, which, like all ordinary flowers are a pistil and stamens. After pollination, the Rafflesia Arnoldi of a giant flower turns gradually into the fruit, which contains several million seeds.

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