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WHAT flower in a vase in a gift the best choice

What a flower in a vase in a gift the best choice

People often give each other flowers.

However, not all women love to receive a gift in cut bouquets.

Some people like to take care of the plants and grow them at home in special pots.

Indoor flower can give to any person,even the fact that you taste preferences are completely unknown. It can be a girl, a new boss or the new neighbors, in general, people, tastes and preferences which you still do not know anything. In this situation, a flower in a pot - the most preferred and win-win.

Which room is best to give a flower?

If the owners have a large spacious house, for them you can buy flowers such as interior without delay, because they are large, and therefore, will fit in this space.

For this kind include arakuriyu, dracaena, kordilina, Fats and other plants.

In smaller homes such giants will onlyencumber the excess space, and look completely out of place. Therefore, this type of plant is likely to be an ideal gift for people interested in design or have office space.
Women love in every possible way to decorate your homedifferent patterns, and perhaps even fountains, also surely be happy flowers in a pot. It is in this exquisitely-furnished interior will look great arrowroot, Calathea, euonymus, reoasplenium.
Now become very popular flowering plants,but if you choose these, you need to think about to buy is not yet a full-blown flower and give the owner to grow it, or donate directly "in their prime". The most beautiful flowers such as Spathiphyllum, Saintpaulia, begonias, and others.

These flowers are very beautiful and whimsical in leaving, so will suit even the most busy people.

When the flower is already selected in a flower shopshould be asked to pack a gift carefully, especially if you get it in the winter. Even a couple of minutes on the street can be fatal to the plant.

What kind of flowers in pots can not give

According to popular belief it is believed that it is forbiddengive palms and curly varieties of plants (vines, etc.), as they promise to quarrel in the family. Yet another flower - Hoya during their flowering "crying", so the people he has the nickname of "widows' tears" by this name to beliefs - just one step.
By the names of colors should always be truebiased. For example, the ivy is popularly called "muzhegonom", in a word, even if in a particular family, and do not believe in superstitions and omens, flowers with similar nicknames best not to present as a gift.
No wonder so many years evolved as all sorts of beliefs, perhaps those people whom the gift is intended, firmly believe in the so-called magic of colors.

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