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How to flower in a pot as a gift is best to choose


What kind of flower in a pot for a gift is best to choose</a>

People often give each other flowers.

However, not all women like to receive cut flowers as a gift.

Some people like to look after indoor plants and grow their houses in special pots.

A house flower can be presented to any person,Even to the taste preferences of which you are completely unknown. It can be a girl, a new boss or new neighbors, in general, people, about tastes and preferences of which you do not know yet. In such a situation, a flower in a pot is the most preferable and win-win option.

Which indoor flower is best to give?

If the owners have a large spacious house, they can without any delay buy flowers of an interior type, because they have a large size, and therefore successfully fit into such a room.

Such a species includes aracuria, dracenium, cordolin, fatsiyu and other indoor plants.

In small houses, such giants will only beClutter up unnecessary space, and look completely inappropriate. Therefore, this type of plant is likely to be an ideal gift for people who are fond of design or having an office space.
Women who love to decorate their home in every possible wayVarious pictures, and, perhaps, even fountains, are also sure to be pleased with the flowers in the pot. It is in this exquisitely furnished interior that the marantha, kalatei, spindle, reoaspenium will look great.
Now the flowering plants have become very popular,But if you choose these, you need to think about buying a flower that has not yet blossomed and letting the owner grow it himself, or give it immediately "in the prime of life." Especially beautiful are such flowers as spathiphyllum, saintpolia, begonia and others.

These flowers are very beautiful and not whimsical in care, so even the busiest people will do.

When the flower is already selected, in the flower shopIt is necessary to ask carefully to pack a gift, especially if you acquire it in the winter season. Even a couple of minutes on the street can become deadly for the plant.

What flowers in the pot you can not give

According to popular beliefs it is considered that it is forbiddenGive palms, as well as climbing varieties of plants (lianas and others), as they promise tensions in the family. Another flower - hoya during "flowering" "crying", so in the people he has the nickname "widow's tears", from such a name to beliefs - just one step.
The names of colors always need to refer toPrejudiced. For example, ivy in the people is called "muzhegonom", in a word, even if in a family they do not believe in beliefs and signs, flowers with such nicknames are best not presented as a gift.
Not for nothing so many years there were so many all kinds of beliefs, perhaps those people who have this gift is sacredly believe in the so-called magic of flowers.

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