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Unfortunately, the development of music in Russia thereon the pulse of Western and European music industry. Therefore, many of the terms, slang expressions and concepts in modern Russian hip-hop or rock culture come from the English or French languages.

Thus, the word "flow" from the English translated as "for", but what meaning it has for the Russian representative of the hip-hop movement?

Determination of the origin of the concept of "flow"

British "flow", which is translated as "flow" or "flow" as a verb, slang became the progenitor of "flow" in the Russian language, while maintaining its semantics.
In the process of reading, the rapper (one who reciteslyrics) can be variously fall into the rhythm of the music in different ways to adjust your voice, give a different speed of the pronunciation of consonants and vowels. All these concepts are combined and the word "flow" - something that is often defined as the ability to teach rappers text- ability to unleash the power of poetry.
Of course, there is no good or badflow - there are right and wrong flow: right - when performing successfully associated with the music, the rhythm, the whole composition as a whole, and wrong - when all work just grates on the ear because of the mismatch of poetry and rhythm of the music.
To the successful reading of successfully combined withtools and a bit of (.. from the English slang beat - the rhythm, melody), read poetry need to have an excellent diction and breathing apparatus: shortness of breath during quick reading of poems - not something that is nice to hear the customer records.

It is worth noting that many rappers and hip-hopperformers have a speech impediment, and often not quite perfect diction, but their ability to get into the rhythm and flow of poems make them pleasant and popular music.

Modern flow styles

Since hip-hop culture developedmainly in the United States, and all the burden of classification reading style is laid down on the American musicians. So, stic.man (. Stikmen rus), one of the participants duo Dead Prez, identifies the following types of flow:
Chant (The Chant), that is monotone onmanner of reading the psalms. Some call it melody or chant. According to the musician, this type of flow is used mainly by such hip-hop artists like Lil Jon and Project Pat.
Syncopated bounce (Syncopated Bounce). Under this style, based on a translation from English, mean the average rate readings with the omission of certain vowels or truncation of words in poems. In jazz, this kind of singing implies the emphasis on the third quarter.

Of course, none of rappers lackssome inherent only his style: often change the type of flow in the works of artists can be seen at intervals in each album, and sometimes the type of readings can change two or more times per track.

The forehead (Straight Forward) - aggressive style inwherein accentuated certain semantic units, but the reading rate is not reduced. The most common: according to their own stic.man artists like Scarface, 2Pac, Melle Mel, Down Productions era, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg.

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