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WHAT flora and fauna

Unity of fauna and flora

When we go for a walk in the woods or lounging on the shore of the river, you can see a variety of plants and trees are amazing.

And the luscious vegetation in the forests near Moscow is very different from traditional trees and dead wood steppe terrain.

Also different from each other and the wild animals that inhabit the different natural habitats.

All kinds of plants and animals are called "flora and fauna" of a particular region.

Flora and Vegetation

Today in botany flora iscommon subspecies of plants that grow or grew previously on a strictly defined territory. It is possible to confuse the concept of "vegetation" and "flora", perceiving them as synonyms, although they are different things. For example, we can argue about the flora of the Kursk region, the Kola Peninsula and the flora of Primorye. The greater the size of the region, the richer it is presented flora.
So all the flora of the Stavropol Territory totalsabout 1,200 species of plants and flora of Russia for more than 18 thousand., including gymnosperms, club mosses, ferns, horsetails and ground cover plants. Greenhouse and indoor plants do not belong to the flora.
By "specific vegetationterritory "means the totality of plant communities growing in the region. For example, for the Moscow region are characterized by different types of forests, wetlands and grasslands. But the vegetation throughout the territory of Russia will be much richer and more diverse. It includes much more plant communities, including mountain, tundra, steppe, desert and so on.
Another phrase "flora and microorganisms" is used in medicine in the study of microorganisms that are specific for a particular human organ. As an example, the flora of the larynx.


The concept fauna means the aggregate of all kindsanimals that lived or still live in the area. The animals are in zoos and pets in the fauna are not included. The main feature of each fauna is environmental nature of the species included in its composition. Thus, the fauna of the rainforest is characterized by a large number of animals, adapted to living in trees. This is different Climbing mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and many other animals, who are accustomed to eat leaves and fruits of trees or live off the shattered wood.
Using various methods of analysis,Botanists, scientists can tell with certainty the origin of one or other fauna, as well as its links with the remote and surrounding fauna. As a result of these analyzes, species with a similar spread together in certain groups at their place of residence, for example - the fauna of Madagascar. In addition, the current location is fixed in the corresponding individual animal section fauna. Thus, butterfly refers to entomofauna or insect fauna.

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