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WHAT floor plinth choose

Which floor plinth choose?

Floor skirting completes the floor finish.

It allows you to hide the seams of the floor covering, makes finishing a finished look.

Today released a lot of options baseboards, which differ not only in color, but also the materials used in the manufacture of construction. The most familiar to us wooden plinth. The plinth of solid wood is easiest toInstallation (can be used, for example, screws), as well as safe. The service life of the plinth is very large, and, if necessary, its appearance simply restore just paint varnish or oil paint.

Plastic plinth for floor can be found today in a variety of colorsversions. Moreover, plastic moldings can not only simulate the appearance of wood, but other materials such as stone. Plastic baseboard is recommended for use in rooms with excessive humidity (kitchen, bathroom), it is easy to wash, it is almost not deformed. By the way, you can find a model of a plastic plinth with cable channel, which is convenient for wiring, gaskets network or telephone cable. Secure the plastic moldings, you can use liquid nails, screws, but in complex structures is recommended to use a special attachment plugs.

plastic moldings for flooring

You can also buy floor plinth on the basis of MDF (Chipboard with paper decoration, pattern imitating precious woods) veneered baseboards (From inexpensive solid wood with veneer from more expensive breeds). You can also find metal and ceramic plinths.

When choosing a plinth is not necessary to navigateonly its price but also durability, humidity in the room, which is intended for a plinth, and the materials used in its finish. The color of the baseboard can be selected to match the walls or floor covering, and contrast.

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