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WHAT firewall

What is a firewall

Safe use of Internet resources is always under threat, because there are a large number of malicious programs designed to steal users' confidential data.

To protect against such threats, a computer installed Firewall.

Features of firewalls

Firewall - a kind of anti-virusprograms, significantly reduces the risk for the computer and its user from the host on the Internet. Like the usual antivirus, they have their own database of signatures, and updated via the Internet. Firewall is a constant monitoring of the current Internet connection and all programs that work with the network at the moment.
Most modern firewalls have sewnlist of safe processes, treatment of which the network is not a computer, and the user is no danger. This is a different service and system software, software licensing products of large companies, etc. This list is allowed to expand.
Using fresh versions of firewalls andthe latest antivirus signature databases and provides secure user stays on the Internet. Otherwise, the computer can be subjected to hacker attacks via malicious attacks. At best, it will lead to malfunction of the system. In the worst criminals gain access to confidential data on payments, licenses, passwords, etc.

Varieties firewalls

Firstly, they are both paid andfree. There were no significant differences between them, in fact, not. Often paid and free versions of the same firewall is characterized by a Technical Support, the lack of pop-up advertisements, using additional options, etc. From all of this can be waived, if the user is experienced enough.
Second, firewalls can not modify orchange the default settings for the network. This is due to the desire of developers to protect the user from all sides, but in fact it often leads to the fact that it is banal can not go online. Therefore, this option should be used with caution.
Third, these programs may existboth separately and together with Antivirus. The latter option has several advantages, such as saving system resources, unification of the anti-virus database, improved synchronization of interactions, etc. Particularly well-known of the pay packages of this software is Kaspersky Internet Security, but there are free packages issued by Comodo, Avira, Panda and other well-known developers. They are also produced separately firewalls.

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