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WHAT material assistance should receive a single mother

What kind of financial assistance should receive a single mother

In accordance with Russian legislation, a single mother is entitled to a number of benefits and allowances and compensation, among whom - financial assistance, child support and other.

A single mother, who's this?

Single mothers is considered a woman who gave birthchild outside of marriage, without a father. In this case, the birth certificate of the baby in the "Father" put a dash or data are made according to his mother, as a relevant note in a special book of civil registration. The child in this case receives the name of the mother. A woman in a registry office issued a special document - form №25, which gives the right to receive additional benefits.
Also, the term "single mother" is used inIf the child is born within three hundred days, counting from the date of the official dissolution of the marriage, or after this period, if the fact of paternity has not been established in accordance with legislation. Single mothers are also considered to be a woman to adopt a child not being in the moment status.
But this status can not claim a woman,raising a child alone after a divorce. Or if her husband died or the father is deprived of paternity in court of law or he refused it (it happens sometimes).

What can claim a single mother

The woman, who officially granted the status ofa single mother, can take advantage of a number of benefits, entitlement to it in accordance with the Russian legislation, federal and regional legislation. By federal apply a lump sum to women who registered for pregnancy early, before 12 weeks period, a lump sum at birth, a monthly allowance for child care under the age of one and a half years, which gives all women and not just single mothers. This social benefits and they are available to everyone.
Mom householder is entitled to receive benefitschild (children) at a higher rate, as a rule, it is two times higher than the fixed amount for a child from an intact family. However, this aid is granted not to all, but only if the family is recognized as needy, in this case, the cost of living for each family member should not be above the size of the region. Also, mothers can take advantage of single right to receive vouchers for recreation and health of children, and they have the opportunity to go to a sanatorium or rehabilitation center with the child in the framework of the "Mother and Child". For full details, please contact the social security agencies in the community. In some regions of single mothers to provide benefits to pay for kindergarten, in this case, as a rule, have 50 per cent discount, but only if this provision is enshrined in the regulatory base of the right-hand area or region. The decision as to provide this benefit to single women or not, take the members of the district and regional levels, based on the budget of the region.

On the lonely mothers in accordance with theTax Code (Nos. 4, para. 1, Art. 218) and a standard tax deduction for child support twice the amount which it can use until they reach the age of majority, ie 18 years.
Labor legislation also provided forsome benefits for single mothers. For example, a woman who is raising a child, you can not cut from their jobs, fire due to the mismatch of his post due to insufficient qualifications, can not be cut from the employer in connection with the change of leadership. And even if the company falls under the elimination of mother-alone should have the right of compulsory employment.

In some regions may be setadditional benefits, the payment of expenses spent to improve the condition of the cost of living for a child, compensation for food for the child and other benefits.

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