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What fertilizers are needed for tomatoes

What fertilizer needed for tomatoes

To harvest of tomatoes was friendly, you must not only correctly pick up the seeds, watering and taking care of plants landing time. An important role for the result of playing the soil.

Its state can be monitored by an external plant species.



The soil under the tomatoes must be chargedfertilizers, but it is reasonable. Fresh manure will accelerate the growth of the bush, but not allow actively set fruit. At this point the right thing to dry soil, to break the leaves. It is advisable to feed the root mass of phosphorus fertilizers.


The lack of certain nutrients caninfluence the growth of plants. It happens that the leaves wither or curl. Often inexperienced gardeners increase watering. The reason in this case - nitrogen deficiency.


Lack of phosphorus is also detrimental to tomatobushes. The trunk of the plant becomes thin. The leaves take on a purple hue, fold over the edge. Later necrosis can occur, the leaves shall fade.


When potassium shortage appear on older leaves"Burned" edges. Then they turn yellow and fall off. Young shoots can be a disease as a light yellowing. Fruit with a shortage of potassium and magnesium is brownish stripes.
Lack of copper in the ground is also evident at the time of the growth of tomato seedlings. The leaves turn white during this period wilt. Flowers at low copper content are showered with plants.


If tomato leaves wereyellow-green spots, brown and then, consequently, the plant sick chlorosis. In such soil is not magnesium abundance. Stalk, the leaves of the tomato plants wither, fall away. At this point, help micronutrient fertilizers.


The signal of a lack of boron is educationset of laterals. On fruits produced dead tissue. Lack of calcium in humus affects upper leaves of the plant, they turn yellow, become deformed and necrotic tissue.

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