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WHAT feed the cats belong to the class of premium

What food for cats belong to the class of premium

Complete pet food aremore and more popular: pour in a bowl of dry food a guest or open a jar of meat chunks in jelly is much easier than to provide the cat healthy and balanced diet with natural products.

But for a pet to be healthy, you have to feed it quality complete feed premium.

Features premium feed

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The main difference between the premium feed fromfeed inexpensive mass - in that it contains all the necessary for a cat or cat nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Cat feeding complete feed premium, usually does not require additional feeding with vitamins or pieces of meat "from the master's table": its carefully balanced diet and food digestibility can reach 90-95%.
Premium foods contain a large enoughprotein percentage, while not included in the bone meal or offal (as cheap feed), and natural meat, fish or poultry. Artificial flavor enhancers and additives thus absent. Such food can be given to a pet constantly, every day, throughout the time of his life.
One more difference from the premium cat dietsfeed an economy class - the ability to choose a variety that best suits your pet. Generally, feed line includes a series of different species of cats, for animals with different levels of activity, of all ages and so on. In addition, among the premium feed presented specialized treatment, support and strengthen the veterinary diet.

Unlike fodder "economy" category, which can be seen on the shelves of most supermarkets, food preimalnye usually sold only at pet stores and veterinary pharmacies.

Popular brands of premium feed for cats

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Innova EVO ( «Innova EVO") - food productionof Natura Pet Products (USA), which enjoys a very good reputation among veterinarians and breeders. The main advantage of this feed mark - up, which includes meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements, oils and fats.
Orijen ( «Origin") and ACANA (Akan) - qualityhigh protein food producing Canadian company Champion Petfoods. Their main advantage - high meat content, the content of crops, or very little, or they are non-existent.
Golden Eagle Holistic ( «Golden Eagle Holistic")produced by the American company WellPet, and its composition is as close to a natural, natural cats menu. The composition of complete feed includes several varieties of meat, fresh vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and herbs.
Feed Bosch Sanabelle ( «Bosch Sanabell")manufactured in Germany at the company Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH & Co. Products of this brand is very well digestible (ie saturated with cat eating less food), comprising no chemical additives and flavor enhancers. Especially popular are the feed line, designed specifically for the exhibition of animals.
Very popular brand - Hills ( «Hills") and RoyalCanin ( «Royal Canin"). Feed composition of these marks is not optimal: it may include such "nepremialnye" supplements such as bone meal. But the undoubted advantage is a fairly affordable price, as well as a wide range, including special curative and preventive diet, it is well-proven. Another plus - the mass production, so that the owners of animals that feed on these feeds do not experience problems with the acquisition of the required ration stamps.

Royal Canin produced both in France and in Russia. And, according to experts, the French food is of higher quality and more attractive to animals.

Purina ProPlan ( «Purina ProPlan") producedfamous companies Nestle and is also considered a food of good quality. The composition of the feed of this brand contains natural ingredients: poultry, beef, fish, beef and cereals, minerals and vitamin complex.
American brand feed Eukanuba ( «Yukanuba")manufactured by P & G Pet Care, and their main feature - a high content of protein at a fairly low cost. The structure also includes only natural products, and according to the manufacturer meat, which is part of Eukanuba cat feeds has never been frozen.
Sometimes to feed premium class also includebrands such as Bozita ( «Bozita»), Iams ( «Yam»), Nutro Choice ( «Nutro Choice»), 1St Choice ( «Fest Choice"), often considered middle class quality forage. The advantages of such feeds include affordability, safety for animals and good taste.

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