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WHAT farm and cut

What is a farm and cut

The terms "farm" and "cut" today almost never occur in the modern Russian language, but they can be found in classical literature.

These obsolete terms people used during the time of Gogol, calling them small settlements and private peasant land tenure.


The farm was a very smalllocation or separate farms with separate farm. Usually the farm consisted of about ten houses, which is a separate group, which administratively belongs to the larger settlements. Gradually, the farm expanded, turning into the village or the village, but their name was often in the name of the settlement.
Estonians have called their farm myzami, while Poles and residents of some countries in eastern and central Europe have used the name "farm."
Each farm can count from one to a hundredyards, but the church it was not - that he was different from the village, where there might be only ten yards, but the church is necessarily present. Don and Kuban Cossacks called hamlet settlement on the territory of the village, which had no separate administration. Often, the population of the Village of farms exceeded the number of central settlements arose before the farm. Large farms often became autonomous with separate communal villages of territory and population attributable Cossack.

A cut

The term "cut" appeared in the early 20th centuryRussia. They called the piece of land, isolated from the community land area, passed the peasant in the sole use of the free transfer of the main manor house. Thus, the cut was the economic form of private ownership with the most compact arrangement. For the first time the legal differences between the hamlet and cuts were made in 1906 in the normative act, which states that rural communities can go as bran, and a homestead form of land tenure.
The difference is that the farm could be intermingled, and cut completely united peasant allotment land in the overall array.
The owner who receives the newly formed land,able to decide what status to give their land - allotment or nenadelny. This was an important moment because the allotment of land a few limited his master at the disposal of them. Restrictions allows you to save the peasant land fund from non-agricultural elements that penetrate into the village. In addition, recognition of the allotment of land freed her from loans, mortgages and other financial burdens property owners and lenders - in addition to the Peasants of underground bank.

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