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What is the famous black widow spider


Black Widow</a>

"Spider, spider - black legs, red boots, we fed you, we gave you water ...".

Children's song is fun talking about a nice insect, but in a real meeting with spiders before the emotion is very far away.

Especially when you see in front of you is not just a spider, but a black widow.

Straw widow

This not very large female black spider hasDisgusting reputation. Rumors about her are very diverse, one worse than the other. Here are the most terrible of them. Her bite is deadly and her own husband eats for lunch.

Generally, black widows (Latin Latrodectus),Are rich in their poisonous relatives. In Central Asia, the Crimea and southern Europe, a spider-caracurt lives, the bites of which are just as dangerous. But the second step in the rating of "virulence" belongs to this North American widow. Its poison is 15 times more concentrated than the rattlesnake, and is second only to the venom of the Brazilian spiders-soldiers. Their homeland is considered to be North America with its hot climate, but today these insects have made their way even to Oceania and Australia.

A black widow can easily be recognized by redSpots in the form of triangles on the black abdomen. Sometimes the spots merge, forming a figure of an hourglass. The length of its legs and glossy body is 12 mm. The size of the males is almost half the size, apparently, in order to reduce the resistance to a minimum.

Love to the grave

Here the rules are tough - no adultery! Once the pairing is over or even during it, the female spider literally devours its faithful. There is a suggestion that some males in time carry away paws from deadly love, but this is only a single exception to the terrible rule. Having zamoriv worm, forgive - the husband, the female spider weaves a cocoon, where begins to lay eggs. She carefully hides it in a secluded place under a snag, a large stone or in a small hole. The very same mother is next to her and is ready to protect her clutch at any moment. So, you should not get enough of these whitish pellets to disperse - you can get a lethal dose of poison.

Spider bites

According to scientists, the poison of a black widow possessesNeurotoxic effect and stronger than the poison of the coral snake or cobra. From the agonizing death of a bitten person, it saves only that the amount of poison that enters the blood is small. However, at the site of the bite, quite a strong pain immediately appears, which soon changes to the whole body, accompanied by convulsions. It becomes difficult to breathe, the stomach tightens and hardens, there is a headache, fever and nausea. Attacks of pain alternate with severe sweating. This condition lasts for three days, and full recovery occurs in a week.

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