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WHAT family traditions are very important for the child

Family traditions are very important

A large and friendly family, this is the key to success, happiness and well-being of your children. To unite older and younger generations to help the family tradition, which is very important for a child.

First of all it depends on the parents, who have the most influence on the education of children.



Teach the children to ensure that every meetingaccompanied by the greeting. In the morning, do not forget to say "Good morning", and after the school first of all say hello, and then ask about the grades in school. The child should feel at home in the first place are all very excited to see him. Similarly, do not forget about phrases such as "Enjoy Your Bath".


Greatly strengthen the family some general things,which can simultaneously engage all members of the household. For example, morning gymnastics, afternoon tea or a game of chess on the weekends. The main thing that the child has developed a habit, do something with you. If, for example, the child will know that every Saturday you go on the nature walk or a visit, but before that clean the apartment, in the future this activity it will not cause protests and become familiar and even welcome.


Well, if the child will be in the evening to tell,how it was his day. Set an example for dinner, share your news, describing it as an entertaining story. And then let the word of the child, even if he, too, will tell an interesting or funny story. After a week of such exchange of news becomes a habit, and it's very good. After all, in a conversation it expands vocabulary and develop a sense of humor.


Birthdays and anniversaries should be veryAn important event for the whole family. From childhood to involve children in preparing for such events. You can even create a family calendar, noting important dates in it. Hand made gift, a special meal for the birthday boy or acting out scenes - all this will make your child's life brighter, extend its creative possibilities.


For a child to feel that they belong tobig family, always take him to visit the grandparents, aunts and uncles. However, write letters to relatives who live in other cities. Well, if the house has a photo album with family photos. From time to time through it with your child, tell me about those in the photo and how, for example, there was his fate. In fact, all this is very important for the child, and all of this develops his intellect, education and future attitude towards life.

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