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What factors influence the placement of enterprises

What factors influence the placement of enterprises

Creating an enterprise, regardless of the type of its operations, shareholders should have a good think about the issue of its rational distribution.

To find the best place to beproduction base is located, should take into account many factors, and to find compromise solutions to minimize the impact of those that may adversely affect the functioning of the company.

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The question of optimal placement of enterprises becomeparticularly relevant to the development of the industry, but by and large he nasuschen for any kind of business activity: for agriculture, and for the enterprises of consumer services. Solve it should be based on a number of factors, both natural and climatic as well as industrial and even social. Many economists have offered their own models that have been used in the placement of the theory of business since the late 18th century.
Some economists put the accommodationindustrial enterprises dependent on the spatial distribution of agricultural production surpluses, which were considered and as a raw material source, and as food for the workers involved in production. Other built spatial triangles, in the tops of which were placed by factors such as "sources of raw materials," "labor" and "market". For this model, the best place was where were minimal transport costs.

What else should be considered when placing enterprises

Current models of business accommodationtake into account many more factors, a list of them depends on the industry in which the company operates. So, when it comes to engineering, the main factors to be considered are:
- The location of the sources of raw materials and natural resursov-
- Transport network and the existing infrastrukturu-
- The level of qualification and the labor power-off
- The level of development of related industries and the possibility of specialization and kooperirovaniya-
- The demand for finished products in the region.
For optimal placement of the food industry economic model must take into account the following factors:
- Proximity and the volume of consumer rynka-
- Remoteness syrya- sources
- The availability and qualification of labor resursov-
- Proximity to the source of fresh water.
But rationally the pharmaceutical industry can be, taking into account such factors as:
- The presence and distance syrya- sources
- Availability of cheap elektroenergiey-
- Availability of qualified kadrov-
- There are significant water resursov-
- Ecology in the region.
Ultimately, the choice of placement depends on the combined effect of all factors of production, taking into account the specifics.

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