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What is the circumstance, addition and determination

What is a fact, and the definition of addition

In the Russian language part of speech as part of phrases and sentences play a certain syntactic role.

They can act as its main parts of the sentence (subject and predicate), as well as secondary, namely determining additions and circumstances.

Place the secondary members in the proposal

Top of the sentence - the subject (subject)and predicate (predicate). They perform logical-communicative function, determine the syntactic organization of the utterance and are grammatical basis. Offer may only consist of members of the main, if not only one of them. Such an offer is called a non-proliferation. circumstance, addition and determination: the secondary members - For a more informative and emotional fullness of the additional input of subject and predicate.


The definition clarifies and extends the value ofdefined words - subject or another secondary member with the objective value. It calls him a sign, and answers the questions: "What? Whose? "As defined by the word form appear predominantly nouns.

"Old disabled person sitting at a desk, worn before the blue patch on the elbow of green uniform." (Pushkin)
The definitions can be agreed andinconsistent. Agreed definitions expressed in the name adjectives and participles, ordinal number and quantity in the oblique cases, the pronoun. As inconsistent definitions are: nouns in oblique cases, possessive pronouns, adjectives in a simple comparative form of an adverb, infinitive, and whole phrases.

A variety of definitions is an appwhich is always expressed noun agreed with the defining word in the case (at the oncologist) or standing in the nominative case (from the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda").


A minor part of the sentence, calledcomplement, indicates the object to which the action is directed, or the subject itself is a result of, or with the help of the action takes place, or in relation to which performed some action.
"The old man caught a fish seine". (Pushkin)
In addition, the offer may be expressed: a noun in an oblique case, pronouns, cardinal number, infinitive phrases and phraseology.


The circumstance is called a secondary memberproposals with explanatory functions, which refers to a member of the proposals indicate actions. Circumstance represents a sign of action, characteristic sign indicating way to act or to the time, place, purpose, cause or condition for its accomplishment.
"And Onegin Von- came home he was going to get dressed." (Pushkin) -
Circumstances may be expressed: adverb, noun in an oblique case, gerund or verbal participle phrases, infinitive (circumstances purpose).

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