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WHAT is the eye mite


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Eye mite is a popular name for demodectic disease.

Demodexes are microscopic parasites, which, for their localization, choose a wide variety of facial areas. Most often they accumulate in the hair bulbs of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Ticks cause a severe allergic reaction, which can lead to serious consequences if improperly diagnosed and improperly treated.

The causes of the appearance of eye mites

The main reason for the development of demodecticWeakened immunity. In a special risk zone are children and people of advanced age. Usually, the eye mite affects those who have abnormalities in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic problems or chronic lung diseases. The eyes of a person suffering from hyperopia can also become an ideal habitat for a mite.

Demodekoz can turn into a chronic disease, which manifests itself seasonally. Eye mite worries weakened organisms and can become a companion of autumn avitaminosis.

Symptoms of demodectic

The first symptoms of demodicosis are discomfortIn the eye area, as if they got dust, gluing eyelashes and the appearance of small swollen eyelids. Gradually the painful sensations increase, and the tumor acquires an impressive size.
Itching in the eyes is caused by the process of reproduction of ticks. Microscopic creatures emit a large amount of toxins, which leads to the desire to rub or scratch their eyes.
Gradually the disease progresses andEyelashes appear peculiar crusts. Upon contact with tears, they become like pus. The eyelids are flaky. Quite often, because of the accumulation of crust at the base of the hairs, eyelashes may fall out. Small particles on contact with the mucous membrane cause severe irritation.
Please note that demodectic is a contagious disease. Do not use a shared towel with the patient, and if possible, avoid close contact.

Eye mites can be confused with "barley" orConjunctivitis. Methods of treatment for these diseases are different, so the diagnosis of a specialist is a mandatory stage in the occurrence of demodectic symptoms.

Diagnosis of eye mite

To determine the exact diagnosis, the expert carefully examines the eyelash samples with a microscope. Only in this way can you notice the eye mite.
The first recommendation of the doctor will be a more thorough personal hygiene. If you give this moment due attention, then get rid of demodicosis will be much faster.
When an allergic reaction occursSpecialist appoints special drops for eyes and ointments. It is believed that a good way to fight the eye mite is antibacterial soap and calendula decoction.
Please note that demodicosis is susceptible toMostly people with weakened immunity, so in addition you need to take a course of taking immunostimulating drugs. In acute forms of demodicosis, additional procedures are prescribed-ozone therapy, magnetotherapy and regular eye massage.
The best way to prevent demodecticCompliance with personal hygiene. Try always to wash off make-up, wash before going to bed, do not use shared towels and carefully polish the pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets. In addition, you should pay special attention to your diet and strengthen immunity.

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