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What exercises to do to lose weight

What exercises to do to lose weight

The correct, balanced and moderatePower is not enough for effective weight loss, you also need to pay attention to physical activity. To lose weight, you need to give your body a cardio-load, under which increases the heart rate and the body takes energy from fat stores.

Not superfluous will and strength training: more muscles require more energy.


Any exercise and sports helplose weight due to the fact that during exercise the body needs energy, he takes any of the food eaten or from fat stores. Weight loss is achieved by calorie deficit - if it is, as well as to exercise, the body will lack the energy obtained from food, and it will start to burn its own fat. But there are exercises and occupations, which helps get rid of the kilos faster and more efficiently. This is all kinds of cardio-loads - of aerobic exercise at a fast pace, but with low intensity.
Aerobic load - it is running, fast swimming,cycling, training on any cardio equipment, jumping rope and other exercises. By themselves, they are light and do not have a serious load on the muscles, but the long-term training at the same pace they increase the rate of heartbeat, increased respiratory rate, and gradually start to burn fat. In this case, the excess fat out not only because of the lack of calories, but also directly in the classroom due to the fact that the reserves of nutrients in the blood are depleted, the body and there is no place to take energy - there are only deferred fats.
The best exercises for weight loss - it is a class ontreadmill, an ellipsoid, a stationary bike. They allow you to maintain the right pace, with special programs. Practicing slowly, nobhodimosti effect, which is achieved after twenty or thirty minutes of continuous load, will not, and if you move too vigorously, soon the person does not have the strength to continue to exercise, resulting in the fat burning process and will not start.

Strength training

While strength training does not burn fatIt occurs: the heart rate increases slightly, as the pace is too low, between sets have rest periods, and the duration of training is less than the regular cardio load. Doing strength training at a high pace and are physically impossible for a long time, so the main purpose of such training - to strengthen the muscles. On the one hand, this means that slimming classes such less suitable. On the other, they also contribute to weight loss, but for other reasons.
Firstly, to perform complex powerexercise a high load on the muscles of the body spends a lot of calories, which is also important for weight loss. Second, the muscles as a result of regular training strengthened, sealed and slightly increased in size by replacing a fat. Unlike other tissues, muscle requires more energy - which means that even in a period of rest they need a lot of calories. Therefore, the stronger and stronger muscles - the more calories lost per day, even without additional exercise.
For weight loss to be effective, it is desirable to combine together two types of exercise: aerobic and strength.

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