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What exercises are useful for the feet

What kind of exercise is good for the feet

Malnutrition and a passive lifestyle, can enhance zhiroobrazovaniya near the hips.

But if you want to have beautiful, strong and slender legs, it should take care to include a special set of training exercises.

You will need

  • - mat-
  • - A dumbbell or a vulture.



Any exercise should begin with a warm-upmuscles. First of all, the mash stack by rotating them alternately in a circle, the left and right. This procedure will help you avoid strains and sprains. Then, within three minutes walking perform on the spot, at the same time try to raise your knees as high as possible.


Stand with your back straight and your feettogether. Heels flat on the floor and try to pull the toes toward you. You will feel as tense calf muscles. Then walk around on the heels of small steps in different directions, keep your hands on the belt. Put the foot on the toes and heels, tear off the floor and walk.


The following exercise is familiar to almost everygirl since childhood. Jumping rope will help train different muscles of the legs. But first, choose a size of the rope, this stand on its middle and pull. It ends should reach your armpits - is the perfect size. Jump in different ways: first on one foot, then on the other, both, feet apart, together, expand the foot left and right. These exercises are very useful for the beauty of your feet.


Spread on the floor mat and stand on the leftknee, lean on his left hand, right hand on the right thigh. Extend your right leg and try to lower it by ten centimeters from the floor, you will certainly feel how tense the muscles. Perform this exercise by pulling the first one leg, then the other. If you're going to be doing it at least twice a week, you will see results after only a month.


Squats - great exercise and beautyslimming your legs. Start with twenty sit-ups a day and gradually work up to fifty. Remember, this exercise must be carried out accurately. Keep your back arched, the feet do not tear off the floor, thighs should be parallel to the floor. For a start it will be difficult, but with time you fully master the technique. The best effect can be achieved if you do the squats with the additional burden in the form of the bar from the bar or dumbbells.

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