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WHAT exaltation

What is exaltation

The word "exaltation" in Latin means "to rise".

In psychology, under him understand the enthusiastic, very excited mental state, which, at times, can border on psychosis.

exalted personality

Under exaltation some mistakenlyrefers pretentious clothes, some special chic appearance in man, which distinguishes it from the surrounding gray mass. While exaltation - is a character trait, temperament, and hence - demeanor and a certain degree of a person's lifestyle.
Sociologists interpret the concept of "exaltation," as,excited, ecstatic state, painful recovery. There is a saying: "fall into exaltation." This condition is inherent in the artistic natures living on emotions. They are extremely impressionable. Love of nature, art and philosophical quest can capture exalted personality to the core. They are deeply experienced the failure of relatives and loved ones, acquaintances, at the time when the victim himself does not see the tragedy of such a scale. Compassion for the animal, lonely and unhappy in their view, could also bring such people to despair. Exalted lady in a fit of compassion is able to pick up on the street and take home "thrown" a kitten, and the next day, after he had "made a puddle" in her shoe, inwardly tormented and hiding from prying eyes, bring it back.
Also under the concept of "exaltation" meansshort period of increased excitability of nerve and muscle tissue, then gives way to several phase reduced excitability. Mood swings, enthusiasm and frustration - are characteristic of this type of people. They are talkative, often debated, but rarely roll to open conflict.

Mass exaltation

Status exaltation can simultaneouslycover large groups of people in the form of spontaneous excitation at certain events - fire, earthquake, and other natural and social phenomena. Enthusiastic, highly excited state of the masses can be caused artificially. For example, the phenomenon of mass exaltation manifested in concerts of pop stars, during and after major sporting events.

Exaltation in astrology

The term "exaltation" is used, and the astrologers. They it means the position of the planet in a certain part of its trajectory path. The planet is exalted - it means the planet is not at home, not in his monastery. It is in the "party" and at the same time on the job. Its impact on the other sign of the zodiac. It is believed that if in the monastery of the planet acts on intuition, instinctive level, the exaltation - on the emotional and sensual.

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