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WHAT euromaidan

what euromaidan

What euromaidan - asked for by many, including TV or browsing the daily newspapers.

With this concept relate all the latest news about the fate of Ukraine.



In the Ukrainian language the word "maidan" comes from Persian and means an open area.


In Kiev, the central square is calledMaidan Nezalezhnosti - Independence Square. In this place are all the most important meetings in the country where their views can express not only the current government, but also representatives of the opposition and the people.


Mass unrest taking place in the central square of Kiev in the Ukrainian 2013-2014 year, called Evromaydanom.


To make it clear that such euromaidan needto understand what are the masses gathered in the square. In November 2013, the Ukrainian government has decided to suspend the training with the EU association, and therefore unhappy people came to the central square of Kiev with the requirements of European integration continuing. The rally turned into a months-long protest riot, seizure of power by the opposition, escape the current president, the split of the country.


In 2004, at the Independence Square alreadyheld a mass popular protest against rigged results of the presidential elections, called the Maidan. By analogy with the events in the media have decided that such an event should be called Evromaydanom.

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