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What equipment is needed for paintball

What equipment is needed for paintball

Paintball - a military-type game in which the opposing teams or individual players.

The "battle" can be in a closed hall and outdoors.

Selection of equipment for paintball - businessresponsible. If you are just starting to learn the basics of this fascinating game, you do not just spend money on expensive ammunition. It is better to take advantage of the rolling equipment, to understand the characteristics of an object.

Minimum equipment set to playpaintball includes: a protective mask, marker with balls, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads. All this can be rented at the paintball club or purchase specialty store.


Mask - is the most important attribute in paintball. Its main feature - eye protection with paint balls hit. By the choice of the mask must be approached very carefully. Make sure that between the lens and the rim there were no gaps. Choose a mask with double glass to avoid fogging. If you take the mask in the box, make sure that the glass does not have any cracks.

Measure the number of kinds of masks and take the one with the widest viewing angle. After all, it is from this parameter will largely depend on your agility on the battlefield.


Marker - this air gun for paintball, which operates under the influence of compressed gas forces. Markers are pump action, semi-automatic and automatic.

Pump action shotguns require shutter distortion ofafter each shot. In the semi-automatic marker trigger after the shot himself back to the starting position without requiring manual cocking. This type of gun is most preferable for beginners.

Automatic markers - it is expensive and not every club they are still there. After pressing fly a continuous stream, while "Store" on the trigger of this gun pellets will not be empty.

"Shop" or, as it is called, the feeder - a special container for storing balls, which is attached to the gun on top.

Feeders are gravitational and electronic. Gravitational device special channel fed balls to the marker simply by gravity. Electronic feeders have a stirring mechanism, which significantly increases the rate of gun.

The design provides the majority of markersas interchangeable barrel. Selection of short or long barrel depend on many factors: the environment, experienced players, the strategy and tactics of warfare.

Paintball Clothing

If you are a beginner and still only want to taste allthe charm of this game, then spend money on specialized militaristic clothing optional. Enough to have tight pants (jeans fit) and a comfortable top, best dark tones. Under the basic clothing is desirable to put on a pair of layers of light fabrics. This makes strikes by hitting balls less painful.

Remember that the clothes in the game can get dirty. Therefore, keep a spare set. The same goes for shoes. Choose according to the principle: comfortable and do not feel sorry. Hands desirable to protect gloves. Not to be redundant, knee and elbow pads.

Over time, studying the nuances of masking and imbued with team spirit, you will learn how to choose the right color camouflage suits of high-tech fabrics.

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