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What is a CD emulator

To the computer is capable of reading and production of virtual CD / DVD-ROM drive, it is necessary to install an emulator.

Given the prevalence of the virtual disk on the Internet, you must deal with the fact that are these emulators and how they work.

The essence of the emulators of CD and DVD

CD / DVD-emulators are used to create and readvirtual disks. For this purpose, they create a virtual system, CD / DVD-drives, by which is read the virtual data carrier. this level a lot of programs, but the most common ones Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, the first of which is paid and the other has a free version, making it very popular among users.

Creating a disk image

Creating virtual disks also happens tousing these programs. But there are pitfalls associated with protection or disk copy, or with the protection of copyright holders. If the disc is not protected either programmatically or by the law, then we can safely create a virtual disk image. The same Daemon Tools in its paid version offers ways to bypass the security disk copy, but this should be done at your own risk.

Record images

Record virtual image on a real diskIt will be subject to several quality conditions. First, the recorded image should be made from an unprotected disc. Secondly, the record should be at the lowest possible speed that it is error free. For example, the same alcohol recordable disc is much worse than Daemon Tools. Not all emulators have the ability to burn CDs, sometimes need help software is created purely for the record, for example, Ashampoo.

Because of its features, some emulatorsCDs are made when you install antivirus software for malicious software, so before installing such software is required to turn off anti-virus software.

Virtual CD / DVD-drive

For the program to set up a virtualdrive, you must install a special system driver. This driver is usually installed along with the installation of software emulation drives. Before installing the developers recommend to make a backup copy of the system, because the driver is not always suitable for all versions of Windows. The largest number of driver compatibility problems arise when you install the driver on Windows vista.

As a rule, free emulation software ratherWe are limited in their functionality. Free version of Daemon Tools software can only read virtual disks, and can pay them to record and replicate.

Applications CD / DVD-emulators

CD / DVD-emulators are used by developerssoftware to create software packages, publishers of games for distribution of its products through the Internet, as well as pirate publishers of games, movies and programs, as more recently did not take much intelligence to make a virtual image of a protected disc and successfully rewritten to normal unprotected disc. Often pirated images are distributed via the Internet using file-sharing networks, which forced the government of the Russian Federation to introduce the so-called "anti-piracy" law.

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