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What is the employment exchange

During the search operation, which can drag on for months, quite superfluous to be registered at the center employment.

Here and help to find a job, and unemployment benefits will be temporarily pay and qualifications can be increased free.

Being unemployed is good except in countries wherepayments to non-working person is more than a thousand dollars. When dismissing some free time that Europeans can be spent on issues that have long been putting off, relax, and then taken for seeking a new job. In Russia, it is a slacker good only temporarily.

Employment Exchange - pros and cons

State labor exchange (employment centerof the population) - a place where citizens can turn left without work. To register with the employment center is advantageous if there is a desire to improve their skills without paying a single ruble. In the course list, which is proposed to be retrained - foreign language (English), accounting and tax accounting, computer layout and design. You can also learn hairdressing and nail design.
not less favorable stand in the case of reduction in thekeeping the unemployment office. It must be done within two weeks from the date of dismissal. After that with a clear conscience you can try to ask a former employer paying two salaries, such actions are prescribed by law.

How to register

To register with the employment serviceyou must submit the following documents: employment record, diploma, certificate of salary the last place of work for 3 months, an identity document (passport). In addition, the need to write a statement. Refusal to register at the labor exchange will receive a uniquely persons under 16 years of age, persons retired on old age, a person sentenced to correctional labor or imprisonment, as well as providing false information. If necessary, the job center may require additional documents.

It is worth remembering that the certificate of secondarysalary for 3 months and 2-PIT - two different things. Help should be on the letterhead of the organization, certified by the signatures of the director and chief accountant, be stamped with the address and VAT number.

After preparing a package of documents, it is not necessaryrely on instant registration and financing and employment. Within 10 days, the center staff will offer the best options for their opinion of the work. In the case of the double refusal of the unemployed to work on the profile, in the statement on the account will be denied. If you find for this term to employ the dismissed employee does not succeed, then there will be obtained the official status of unemployed.

Unemployment Payments

The maximum amount of unemployment benefits inMoscow is not more than 7000 rubles. Minimum - 1190 rubles. Being registered at the center employment, have to regularly review the proposed job and go to the interview.

During interviews, employees of the personnel department, which is sent to the unemployed, may issue a written refusal for employment. On payment of benefits such failures do not affect.

During the first year of the vacancies will beoffered on the profile of the unemployed in the second and subsequent years - any. Two non-interview threatened removal from the register and the cessation of payment of benefits.

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